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And if you want to learn everything about the districts to stay in Osaka, including my selection of the best hotels, read this article.

Where to Stay in Osaka: My Selection of the Best Accommodations

Wondering where to stay in Osaka? Looking for the best areas and districts?

You’re at the right place!

As I know Osaka very well, I have created this guide of:

  • Osaka’s best areas for your stay (with details about the best places to visit and nearby attractions)
  • For each area and district, the best hotels depending on your budget

Let’s find your dream hotel now!

My Favorite Hotels in Osaka

Here’s a quick summary of my favorite hotels in Osaka, if you don’t have time to read my detailed article.

You just have to click on the hotel name in orange to access details and rates:

In Namba District

Namba district, one of the most famous in the city, is located in the center of Osaka.

It’s the perfect place to stay in Osaka, as you will be able to get around very easily on foot to discover the main attractions of the city.

The district is also very well served by public transport. 

Namba is particularly lively. It’s full of shops, shopping centers and a multitude of restaurants.

I recommend this district for staying in Osaka:

  • Because it’s an excellent starting point to explore the city on foot, by subway, or bus
  • If you’re looking for a lively place
  • To enjoy the nightlife.

The district is the ideal place to discover:

  • Kuromon Market, to sample tasty local products in the city’s biggest market
  • Hozen-ji Buddhist Temple, dating back to the 17th century
  • Yasaka Jinja Shinto Shrine and its massive 10-meter lion’s head
  • Namba Parks, a large shopping complex

Where to Stay in the Namba District, Osaka?

  • Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka Namba: Located next to Namba Station. Double room starting from 75$, breakfast at 8$. Strong points: excellent central location in the tourist area, friendly staff, comfortable bed.
  • Hiyori Hotel Osaka Namba Station: Just a 2-minute walk from Yasaka Jinja Temple. Comfortable double room with desk area, from 105$, breakfast at 12$. Strong points: location next to the subway and shops, well-equipped, varied breakfast buffet. This hotel in the center of Osaka offers an excellent value for money!
  • Citadines Namba Osaka: Close to the temples. Modern, colourful and super well-equipped studio from 120$, breakfast at 14$. Strong points: location, quality bedding, spaciousness.
  • Swissotel Nankai Osaka: This 5-star hotel situated above Namba Station offers modern rooms from 185$, breakfast at 21$. Strong points: indoor pool, spa, beautiful city view. One of the few hotels with a pool in Osaka!
  • Centara Grand Hotel Osaka: A luxury hotel located right in the city center. Spacious double room with large windows overlooking the city from 190$, breakfast at 17$. Strong points: courteous staff, the view, good breakfast. My favorite hotel for a luxury stay in Namba, Osaka!
Centara Grand Hotel Osaka Namba District Osaka
Centara Grand Hotel Osaka Namba District Osaka


In Shinsaibashi / Dotonbori District

Shinsaibashi district is located to the north of Namba and is also part of downtown Osaka.

In fact, it shares many of the same characteristics as Namba district: it’s well connected and very lively, both during the day and at night.

So, it’s a great place to stay in Osaka if you’re looking for a bustling and popular area.

It is, however, more focused on shopping, with a multitude of stores, ranging from international brands like H&M to luxury ones such as Dior or Prada.

I recommend Shinsaibashi area for your stay in Osaka:

  • If you’re into shopping (lots of shopping!)
  • If you enjoy lively areas
  • To easily move around the city and discover other districts
  • To experience the nightlife
  • If you want to try one of Japan’s must-do activities: karaoke!

Best things to do in Shinsaibashi area:

  • Stroll along Shinsaibashi Street, the largest shopping street in Osaka
  • Explore Dotonbori Street and Canal, often compared to Times Square with its numerous bright signs
  • Photograph the Glico Man, the emblem of Dotonbori and Osaka
  • Try Japanese street food
  • Visit Amerikamura and its vintage shops.

Here are my top hotel picks in the Shinsaibashi / Dotonbori area

  • Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka Shinsaibashi: Just a 5-minute walk from the subway. Double rooms starting at 70$, breakfast for 7$. Strong points: a few minutes from Dotonbori, the friendly staff, and the varied breakfast.
  • HOTEL THE FLAG Shinsaibashi: Located 500 meters from the Dotonbori canal. Modern and super well-appointed double rooms from 100$, breakfast for 12$. Strong points: the very convenient location for sightseeing, the quality breakfast, the spacious and modern bathroom (rare in Japan). My favorite for its excellent value for money in the center of Osaka!
  • Hotel Nikko Osaka: Located right above a subway station and railway. Double rooms with large windows overlooking the city from 120$. Strong points: direct access to the subway, comfortable beds, and an excellent breakfast.
  • HOTEL THE LEBEN OSAKA: Situated a 10-minute walk from Shinsaibashi street. Double rooms with Scandinavian-style decor, very minimalistic, from 200$. Strong points: room size, adorable staff, quality bedding, perfect location. An excellent choice for a romantic stay in Osaka!
  • W Osaka: This 5-star hotel offers superb rooms and suites with a magnificent view starting at 320$, breakfast for 28$. Strong points: the indoor pool, the Spa, the hearty breakfast, the beauty of the bathrooms. It’s the best hotel for a luxury stay in Shinsaibashi (Osaka)!
W Osaka Quartier de Shinsaibashi Osaka
W Osaka in the Shinsaibashi District of Osaka

In Umeda District

Umeda district is the financial district, it features numerous skyscrapers and is located in the North of Osaka.

It’s one of the busiest districts in the city as it’s home to Osaka’s main train station, which allows connections to many other places in Japan such as Kyoto, Nara, or Hiroshima.

Therefore, it’s a great choice for accommodation if you’ve decided to take advantage of your trip to explore the surroundings.

Umeda is also known for its large multi-storey shopping malls, a paradise for shopping enthusiasts!

This district is perfect for your stay in Osaka:

  • If you’re into shopping
  • If you like upscale neighborhoods
  • If you’re planning day trips to see the deer at Nara Park or visit Kobe city, for example
  • If you have a relatively high budget, as there are plenty of high-end hotels here.

Umeda district is ideal to discover:

  • Umeda Sky Building, with its observation deck to admire the view over the entire city
  • The HEP Five, a massive shopping center housing Osaka’s Ferris wheel
  • Hankyu Department Store, another shopping center focused on luxury
  • Nakanoshima Park for a relaxing stroll.

The Best Hotels to Stay in the Umeda District (Osaka)

  • APA Hotel & Resort Osaka Umeda-eki Tower: Just a 2-minute walk from the station. Comfortable and well-equipped double room starting at 105$, breakfast for 15$. Strong points: the rooftop outdoor pool, the Onsen, the view from certain rooms. This is an excellent choice for your stay in Osaka!
  • Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda: 10-minute walk from the giant Osaka Ferris wheel. Bright, modern double room starting at 125$, breakfast for 14$. Strong points: the Onsen, complimentary happy hour, comfort.
  • The Westin Osaka: Located right next to the Umeda Sky Building, this 5-star hotel offers rooms with a fairly classic décor featuring wooden furniture, from 200$, breakfast for 30$. Strong points: the indoor pool, the hot tub, the high-quality restaurant.
  • InterContinental Hotel Osaka, an IHG Hotel: Another luxury hotel, also located near the observation tower. Cozy double room starting at 325$, breakfast for 32$. Strong points: the pool, extremely friendly staff, the incredible view.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Osaka: Emblematic in many cities worldwide, the Ritz offers elegant style rooms starting from 430$, breakfast for 30$. Strong points: the pool, attentive staff, the Michelin-starred restaurant. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in Umeda!
InterContinental Hotel Osaka in Umeda District
InterContinental Hotel Osaka in Umeda District

In Tennoji District

Tennoji district is located to the southeast of downtown Osaka.

It’s a great place to stay in Osaka if you’re looking for a traditional and rather residential area, with its pedestrian alleys.

You should stay in Tennoji district to experience the authentic side of the city and how its residents live.

Things to do and see in the Tennoji district:

  • Abeno Harukas, one of Japan’s tallest skyscrapers
  • Shitenno-Ji, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan, featuring a five-story pagoda
  • Tennoji Park, home to the Keitaku-en Japanese garden and the zoo
  • Isshin-ji Temple, and its statues made from human ashes.

The Best Accommodations in the Tennoji District

  • Waqoo Shitaderamachi: A 2-minute walk from Shitenno-ji Temple. Japanese-style double room starting at 95$, breakfast for 9$. Strong points: traditional atmosphere, very friendly staff, comfort, meditation sessions. An excellent choice if you’re looking for a traditional hotel for your stay in Osaka.
  • Hot Spring from Deep Water Osaka Hinode Hotel Nipponbashi: Located just 300 meters from Tennoji Park. Comfortable double room starting at 135$, breakfast for 12$. Strong points: right at the subway entrance, the public and private Onsen, rooftop, complimentary evening drinks, and ramen.
  • Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel: Located in Abeno Harukas tower, this 5-star hotel features spacious rooms with a unique view of the city starting at 280$, breakfast for 26$. Strong points: the superb breakfast, friendly staff, direct access to the train and subway station. A beautiful hotel, ideal for a romantic stay in Osaka!
Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel in Tennoji District Osaka
Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel in Tennoji District Osaka

In Osaka Bay, Near Universal Studios Japan

Osaka Bay is located to the Southwest of the city center.

Although it’s a bit out of the way, you can easily reach the attractions and main districts of Osaka by taking the JR line or subway.

And on the plus side, you’ll enjoy a pleasant seaside setting.

Things to do in Osaka Bay:

  • Spend a day at Universal Studios Japan, which just opened its brand new Super Nintendo World area!
  • Visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium, one of the largest in the world
  • Take a cruise on a replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship
  • Ride on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, standing 112 meters tall!
  • Enjoy a seaside walk.

What are the best hotels in Osaka Bay?

  • Hotel Sails: Just 500 meters from the Ferris wheel. Very spacious and nicely appointed double room starting at 90$. Strong points: 50 meters from the metro, lots of restaurants nearby, friendly staff. A great choice for its excellent value for money in Osaka Bay!
  • LIBER HOTEL Osaka: Located right by Universal Studios Japan. Double room starting at 120$, breakfast at 23$. Strong points: the Onsen, spacious room, the view. The perfect choice for staying close to Universal Studios Osaka!
  • Hotel Universal Port: A five-minute walk from Universal. Spacious and comfortable double room starting at 135$. Strong points: warm welcome, close to the park and transport, good breakfast.
Hotel Universal Port Osaka Bay District
Hotel Universal Port Osaka Bay District

Where to Stay in Osaka on a Budget

If you’re on a tighter budget, here’s a selection of affordable hotels in Osaka:

  • The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi: Located in the Shinsaibashi district. Hostel with dormitory beds from 20$ and double rooms from 60$, breakfast at 3$. Strong points: central location, very pleasant communal spaces, cleanliness.
  • DEL style Osaka Shin Umeda by Daiwa Roynet Hotel: Located in the Umeda district. Double room starting at 65$. Strong points: next to Osaka station, very nice reception, good breakfast. A great choice for where to stay in Osaka on a budget.
  • Toho Hotel Namba Motomachi: Located in the Namba district. Double room from 70$. Strong points: well-placed in a quiet area, comfort. Another good address for affordable accommodation in central Osaka.
  • Henn na Hotel Osaka Namba: Located in Shinsaibashi. Double room from 70$, breakfast at 7$. Strong points: greeted by dinosaur robots, great location.

In Japan, you’ll also find a very unique and quite unusual type of accommodation: capsule hotels. Your room will be a simple, individual, and compact cabin that you slide into for the night.

Not recommended for those with claustrophobia, but the advantage is these hotels are among the cheapest in Osaka. Even if you don’t want to stay there for your entire trip, it’s worth trying at least for one night!

Here are my picks for the best capsule hotels in Osaka:

  • Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi: Located in the Shinsaibashi district. Capsule from 30$. Strong points: impeccable cleanliness, capsule sizeable, the Onsen.
  • First Cabin Nishi Umeda: Located in Umeda. Capsule from 40$, breakfast at 5$. Strong points: the Onsen, close to the train station, cleanliness.
Hotel Cargo Shisaibashi Capsule Hotel Osaka
Hotel Cargo Shisaibashi Capsule Hotel Osaka

Family Accommodation in Osaka

Before I share my selection of the best family-friendly hotels in Osaka, here’s an important note: In Japan, it’s common for babies and children to sleep with their parents, even when they are older (9/10 years or more).

Make sure to check your booking to ensure you’ve chosen a room with 3 beds or a sofa bed, as it’s typically expected that your child will share the bed with you by default.

Also, be aware that most rooms in Japan are quite small, so it’s usually not possible to add an extra bed or a crib.

  • Apartment Hotel 11 Namba: Located in the Namba district. Spacious and comfortable room for 4 with two double beds starting at $100. Strong points: enough space for 4, location, cleanliness. I highly recommend this hotel for a family stay in Osaka.
  • Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA: Located in the Umeda district. Triple room starting at $150, breakfast for $15. Strong points: location next to the train station, very clean, well-optimized space, the view.
  • MIMARU OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI EAST: Located in the Shinsaibashi district. Modern family apartment that can accommodate up to 7 people, with a kitchenette, starting at$200. Strong points: very comfortable and clean, friendly staff, location close to everything. One of the best places to stay with family in Osaka!

What is the best hotel in Osaka?

If you’re looking for the best hotel in Osaka, I can only recommend the W Osaka.

And if you want something that is a bit more affordable but still excellent, I suggest booking a night or more at the Centara Grand Hotel Osaka.

Where to Stay in Osaka: A Summary Table of the Best Hotels

To give you a better idea of where to stay in Osaka, whether in the city center or elsewhere, I’ve compiled a table summarizing all the hotels mentioned in this article. You can sort them by price or by district!

Hotel DistrictPrice (from)
Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka NambaNamba75$
Hiyori Hotel Osaka Namba StationNamba105$
Citadines Namba OsakaNamba120$
Swissotel Nankai OsakaNamba185$
Centara Grand Hotel OsakaNamba190$
Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka ShinsaibashiShinsaibashi70$
Hotel The Flag ShinsaibashiShinsaibashi100$
Hotel Nikko OsakaShinsaibashi120$
Hotel The Leben OsakaShinsaibashi200$
W OsakaShinsaibashi320$
APA Hotel & Resort Osaka UmedaUmeda105$
Hotel Intergate Osaka UmedaUmeda125$
The Westin OsakaUmeda200$
InterContinental Hotel OsakaUmeda325$
The Ritz Carlton OsakaUmeda430$
Wagoo ShitaderamachiTennoji95$
Hot Spring from Deep Water Hinode HotelTennoji135$
Osaka Marriott Miyako HotelTennoji280$
Hotel SailsOsaka Bay90$
Liber Hotel OsakaOsaka Bay120$
Hotel Universal PortOsaka Bay135$
The Stay Osaka ShinsaibashiCheap Hotel60$
Del Style Osaka Shin UmedaCheap Hotel65$
Toho Hotel Namba MotomachiCheap Hotel70$
Henn na Hotel Osaka NambaCheap Hotel70$
Hotel Cargo ShinsaibashiCapsule Hotel30$
First Cabin NIshi UmedaCapsule Hotel40$
Apartment Hotel 11 NambaHotel for Families100$
Hotel Hankyu Respire OsakaHotel for Families150$
Mimaru Osaka Shinsaibashi EastHotel for Families200$
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best area to stay in Osaka



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