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Comino and the Blue Lagoon (Malta): the definitive guide

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You’re planning to visit Comino during your trip to Malta?

Great idea!

Famous for its beautiful Blue Lagoon, a turquoise lagoon worthy of a postcard, Comino is THE place you don’t want to miss during your stay in Malta.

In order to help you have an amazing day at the Blue Lagoon, I have written this guide of Comino. It’s simple, I will tell you everything you need to know to plan your excursion:

How to get to Comino, what are the best boat trips and which activities you can do on the island.

Of course, I will also give you all my best tips for a perfect day!


Let’s plan your trip to Comino and the blue lagoon!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to book your trip to Comino without reading the full guide, here is a summary the best options you have to go to the Blue Lagoon:

Go to Comino Blue Lagoon with a private boat trip (from North of Malta or Gozo):

In addition to the Blue Lagoon, you will also visit the Crystal Lagoon, Comino caves and the coast of Gozo. And as it’s a private tour, the price is per boat (up to 6 people) and the itinerary can be modified as you please!

Snorkeling equipment is included and if you wants, you will also be able to try Subwing, an awesome new underwater sport that will make you experience how it feels to swim like a Dolphin.

It’s a real 5 stars tour, I can’t recommend it enough!

In addition to the half day boat trip, Josef also offers a full day boat tour.

And you know the best?

It’s actually not much more expensive than the 3h30 boat trip, so if you have time to spend a full day at sea, you should opt for this one!

As Josef is doing only 1 boat trip per day, you should really book your full day private boat trip to Comino in advance by clicking on the button below:

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You prefer to do a full day private boat trip on a sailboat or a motorboat from Valletta?

That’s also possible!

You have 2 choices, depending on your preferences (simply click on the link below for more info and booking):

Enjoy your visit of Comino and the Maltese islands!

Comino Island: a must-see in Malta

Before we start, here are a few things to know about Comino:

  • The island of Comino takes its name from the plant that grows there in abundance in spring: cumin.
  • It’s only 3.496 km² and has 3 year-round inhabitants.
  • Comino is only accessible by boat. Cars are not allowed as the area is protected and classified as a nature reserve.

How to get to Comino and the Blue Lagoon?

As Comino is located between the island of Malta and the island of Gozo, shuttle boats and boat trips are offered from these 2 islands.

Here are all the options you have to get to Comino from Malta and Gozo:

Getting to Comino Blue Lagoon from Malta

From Malta, you can go to Comino by boat from several towns: Valletta, Buggiba/ St Paul’s Bay, as well as from Cirkewwa and Marfa, in the North of Malta.

There are 9 different ways to go to Comino:

  1. Day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon
  2. Catamaran boat trip to the Blue Lagoon and other bays
  3. Sailboat day trip to Comino (3 islands)
  4. Private boat trip to Comino (3h30) or Full Day
  5. Private sailboat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon
  6. Day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon + Gozo
  7. Evening trip to Comino “Swim, Drink Dance” (Adults only)
  8. Comino shuttle boat from the North of Malta
  9. Renting a boat to visit the Blue Lagoon

I will now detail each option, so you can choose the one that will suit you the best!

1. Day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon

This boat trip is the most classic way to go to Comino and the Blue lagoon.

The boat departs daily from St Paul’s Bay, a town in the northwest of Malta, 15 km from the capital Valletta.

The great thing about this tour is that they can organize pickup/drop-off from hotels in Malta.

So if you don’t have a car, you can contact the company after booking and they will organize the transport for an extra fee. In any case, that will be much cheaper than a taxi!

So even if you haven’t hired a car for your itinerary in Malta, you can still enjoy the beautiful island of Comino.

Once on the boat, you will start to navigate along the North coast of Malta before reaching the first stop of the day: the Crystal Lagoon. A bit less known than the Blue Lagoon, Comino’s other lagoon is just as nice to have a swim!

Surrounded by high cliffs and with translucent water, the place is super beautiful and can only be reached by boat. You will spend around 1 hour there to swim and snorkel.

The boat then goes to the famous Blue Lagoon of Comino, where you will have the chance to spend the rest of the day swimming (and taking pictures of the crystal clear water!).

During the day, you will also be able to enjoy all the facilities of the boat: slides, deck chairs, underwater vision for fish watching, showers, toilets.

And of course, you can take a walk around Comino if you feel like it. I will tell you more about the things to do in Comino a bit further down the article.

On the way back, you will pass by Santa Maria cave (used by pirates to hide their booty!) and the other sea caves of Comino.

To book this boat trip to Comino from Malta, you simply need to click on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

Remember to bring everything you need for the day: towels, sun cream, hat. There is no shade at all on Comino and it’s very hot in summer!

Comino blue lagoon
Comino blue lagoon

2. Catamaran day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and other bays

To go to the Blue Lagoon, you can also opt for a Catamaran day trip.

Just like for the “classic” day trip to Comino I mentioned above, the boat will depart from St Paul’s Bay and you can opt for the hotel pickup option (after booking) if you don’t have a car.

During the day, you will go to the best swimming and snorkeling locations of Malta, including Comino Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon of course!

The destination you will go to will depend on the weather and sea conditions: the captain will make sure you will be at the right place at the right time.

In addition to the Blue Lagoon, other possible swimming destinations include:

  • Ghajn Tuffieha bay in Malta and sail close to Popeye Village
  • Mellieha bay in Malta
  • Ramla bay in Gozo

For lunch, you can opt for the traditionnal BBQ they are making and serving on board (it needs to be booked directly on site). It’s delicious!

No doubt you will love your day at sea on the world’s largest day passenger sailing Catamaran.😊

To book your catamaran trip to the Blue Lagoon and other bays, you simply need to click on the button below:

Blue Lagoon Catamaran
Blue Lagoon – Catamaran

3. Sailboat “3 Islands” day trip (includes Comino Blue Lagoon)

Third option to visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon of Comino (as well as other Maltese bays!) is to opt for the famous Sailboat “3 islands” day trip.

What’s amazing about this trip is that you will sail on a beautiful wooden Turkish Gullet, and everything is included:

Hotel pickup and drop-off, lunch (including wine!) and snorkeling equipment.

During this fantastic day at sea, you will discover:

  • Paradise Bay (North of Malta)
  • The Crystal Lagoon in Comino
  • The Blue Lagoon indeed!
  • Comino’s sea caves, including Santa Maria’s cave
  • Armier Bay (North of Malta)

A great itinerary for a 1 day boat trip!

To book it, you simply need to click on the button below:

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

4. Private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and Gozo

You want to discover more than just Comino?

You don’t want to be with the other tourists?

Then this private boat trip to Comino and Gozo is made for you!

During 3h30, you and your group (up to 6 people) will discover the southern coast of Gozo as well as Comino: the sea caves, the Crystal Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon indeed!

Josef, your skipper, will show you the best places to swim far from other tourists and tell you interesting anecdotes about Gozo and Comino.

The snorkeling equipment is included as well as 2 Subwings, a new water sport that allows you to experience flying underwater!

The tour will start from Gozo Harbor (next to the ferry) or Northern Malta: Marfa (Riviera Hotel) or Cirkewwa (Paradise Hotel).

And as it’s a private tour, you can decide of the starting time with Josef.

You will also be able to decide of the route, how long you want to stop for a swim and more! It’s your tour, and everything can be customized according to your wishes.

To book your half day boat tour to Comino and Gozo, simply click on the button below:

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You think half a day at sea isn’t enough?

Well, it’s also possible to book a full day VIP private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and Gozo!

In this case, you will discover the best of Southern Gozo and go all around Comino. It’s the only way to get a good grasp of both islands from the sea in a day.

It’s what I did during my trip to Malta and it was one of the best day I had in my life! (along with the Gozo VIP quad bike tour I talk about here: how to visit Gozo by quad bike?)

You need to book your full day private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and Gozo here:

Blue Lagoon Malta
Blue Lagoon Malta

5. Private sailboat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon

Another amazing way to discover Comino, the Blue Lagoon and even more Maltese bays is to opt for a full day VIP private sailboat tour!

Just like for the other private boat trip I mentioned above, the boat will be only for your group. This means that you can go wherever you want and spend as much time as you please at a given location!

Another great thing is that this boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon starts from Valletta. This will allow you to discover the Grand Harbor from the sea!

I won’t tell it enough, but for me, this kind of private boat trips are the best way to make the most of your day at sea.

To book your private sailboat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and other Maltese bays, simply click on the button below:

croisiere catamaran Santorin
Private catamaran boat trip to Comino

6. Day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon + Gozo

You’re in Malta only for a few days and don’t want to spend too much time in Comino to be able to visit other places too?

Well, this day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon + Gozo is made for you!

Just like the full day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon I mentioned above, the tour will start from St Paul’s Bay.

During this tour, you will spend 1h at Comino Blue Lagoon in the morning.

You will then head to Gozo, where you will have 3 hours of free time to visit the island. As you will not have a car, you will be able to take the bus or opt for one of the transport the boat company will offer you (for an extra fee).

The various transportation option they offer are a great way to see as much as possible during these 3 hours in Gozo. It’s also very convenient as it will take you back to your starting point to catch the boat back to Malta.

During high season, the boat will then make one last stop at the Crystal Lagoon, where you can enjoy 1h of snorkeling.

To book your boat trip to Comino + Gozo, it’s super simple, you just have to click on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to visit Gozo and Comino in a day, there is another version of this trip that includes:

  • Free pick up and drop off from several towns in Malta: Valletta, Gzira, Sliema, Buggiba, Mellieha…
  • 3h tour of Gozo by Jeep
  • Lunch
  • 3h boat trip around Comino and the caves with swimming stops at the Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon.

It needs to be booked here:

gozo Mgarr Ferry
Comino + Gozo boat trip

7. Evening trip to Comino “Swim, Drink Dance” (Adults only)

The Swim, Drink, Dance evening boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon is very different than the other day trips I mentioned above, for a 3 reason:

  • It’s an “adults only” boat trip
  • You’re going to the Blue Lagoon in the evening, so you will avoid the crowd (and the sunburns 😋)
  • It’s more a “lounge bar/dance” kind of excursion, so if you want to meet new people, it’s a great choice!

To book your evening at the blue Lagoon, it’s here:

8. Shuttle boat to Comino

To reach Comino Blue Lagoon, your last option is to take a shuttle boat from the North of Malta or from Gozo.

Please note that this is a taxi boat (not a ferry) with room for only 20 people and no cars/scooters/bikes. Motor vehicles are anyway no allowed on Comino.

These shuttles depart from Cirkewwa and Marfa, 2 places located in the very north of Malta and only 2 km apart.

Cirkewwa is also Gozo ferry’s departure point (you can take it with your rental car, no problem!).

That’s why some people get confused and think it’s possible to take the ferry from Cirkewwa to Comino. But it’s not the same thing, the ferry only goes to Gozo.

Marfa, on the other hand, is a small bay located in front of the Labranda Riviere & Spa Hotel.

The taxi boat ride to Comino from the North of Malta takes around 15 minutes.

To book your shuttle boat to Comino Blue Lagoon from Nothern Malta (Cirkewwa or Marfa – same price), you simply have to click on the button below:

And if you prefer to take a shuttle boat from Gozo to the Blue lagoon:

  • The shuttle boat will depart from Gozo harbor, just in front of the ferry
  • The boat ride to the blue Lagoon will take around 10 minutes.

You will need to book your taxi boat from Gozo to Comino Blue Lagoon there:

No matter where you depart from, the price always include the return trip.

There are boats all day long in summer, so you can choose a departure time that suits you. For the return, same thing, just get in the boat to leave Comino when you will want!

During winter, the company will contact you to arrange a boat at a convenient time for everyone.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you are driving to Cirkewwa and Marfa, you can park in one of the nearby car parks.

You can also go to Cirkewwa by bus from the Malta’s main cities (Mellieha/ Buggiba/ St’Paul’s Bay/ Sliema/ Valletta). There is also a bus stop 200 meters from Marfa.

To check the bus timetable and plan your journey, you should visit Malta Public Transport official website or download “Tallinja” app.

Blue Lagoon beach Malta
The Blue Lagoon and its crystal clear water, in Comino

9. Rent a boat in Malta to go to Comino

If you have the boat license, you have another option to go to Comino Blue Lagoon: renting a boat!

It’s a great option if you want to visit Comino with your family and friends.

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your trip to Malta, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental!

So, what are you waiting for to book your sea trip in Malta? 😊

louer un bateau

How to go to Comino from Gozo

If you prefer to go to Comino from Gozo (instead of from Malta), you also have several options.

  1. Private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon from Gozo
  2. Shuttle boat to Comino from Mgarr harbor

1. Private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon from Gozo

As I have mentioned above, in “4. Private boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon and Gozo” Josef’s private boat trip going to the Blue Lagoon can also departs from Gozo!

In that case, you will start your boat trip from Mgarr Harbor, where Gozo ferry arrives.

He offers 2 different boat trips (click on the orange links to book):

Simply choose the duration you want and enjoy a perfect day at sea with Josef!

Gozo from above
Discover also the magnificent coast of Gozo!

2. Shuttle boat to Comino from Mgarr harbor

Your 2nd option to go to Comino from Gozo is to take the shuttle boat from Mgarr harbor.

They are located just in front of the ferry departure, it’s very easy!

Your shuttle boat to Comino Blue Lagoon tickets need to be purchased in advance by clicking here:

Mgarr harbor Gozo
Mgarr harbor, in Gozo

The 6 best things to do in Comino

Now that you know how to get to Comino from Malta or Gozo, here is my list of the best things to do on this small island.

1. Comino Blue Lagoon

You already know it: the Blue Lagoon is the most famous tourist attraction of Comino.

This splendid lagoon with turquoise water is actually the reason why most people are going to Comino during their trip to Malta.

It’s simply the most beautiful place in Malta to have swim!

When you will arrive in Comino, you can’t miss it: all boats arrive directly at the Blue Lagoon.

Opposite the Blue Lagoon, you can also swim to the small island of Cominotto.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you took a boat tour to go to Comino, you can enjoy the sun on the deck of the boat after a swim in the Blue Lagoon.

However, if you took the taxi boat, you may want to rent deckchairs or sit on the rocks overlooking the lagoon.

In any case, try to arrive early in the morning if you want to get a sunbed or to find a good spot, as it quickly gets crowded after 10 am.

If you have any valuables you don’t want to let on the beach when you go swimming, you can put them in the lockers located next to the boat pier.

Comino Blue Lagoon
Comino Blue Lagoon

2. The Crystal Lagoon

The Crystal Lagoon is the other lagoon of Comino.

Reachable only by boat, it’s quieter than the Blue Lagoon. It’s also known to be one of the best places in Malta to do snorkeling.

And if you’re up for an adrenaline rush, you can try cliff jumping from one of the few spots around the Lagoon. (Always make sure the water is deep enough first!)

3. The other beaches of Comino

On Comino, you can also go to 2 other nice beaches, much less frequented than the Blue Lagoon:

  • Santa Maria Beach, a sandy beach with crystal clear water located 20 minutes walk from the Blue Lagoon. Deckchairs and parasols can be rented + There is a food kiosk
  • San Niklaw beach, a very small (but nice!) beach.
Plage Santa Marijia Comino
Santa Marijia Comino Beach

4. Walking around Comino

If you don’t like to spend the whole day in the water or get bored quickly at the beach, you should go for a hike around Comino!

This 3 hour walk is the best way to admire the landscape and enjoy a quiet moment, far from the other tourists.

You should walk around the island in an anti-clockwise direction, first heading to Saint Mary’s tower.

You can climb to the top of this former 17th century watchtower and enjoy an amazing 360° view over Comino, Malta and Gozo.

To get inside the tower, you will be asked to make a small donation (1 or 2 euros per person). Quick tip: You can only visit the tower if the flag is raised, it means it’s open to visitors.

After your visit, continue your walk to St Mary’s Battery. Built in 1715 to protect Malta, it houses 6 cannons.

From the battery you can take the path that goes directly to Santa Maria beach or opt for the slightly longer version of the hike by walking along the cliffs first (there is no real path along the cliffs, so you need to wear good shoes!).

From Santa Maria beach, it will then take about 20 minutes to get back to your starting point: the Blue Lagoon.

Voyage Tips - Advice

Bring trainers if you want to visit Comino on foot, as the paths are quite rough.

In summer especially, remember to bring water with you for the hike as you won’t be able to buy some before reaching Santa Maria bay.

Comino Malta
Visit Comino on foot

5. Diving in Comino

You might not know it, but Comino is also an amazing place to go diving!

With warm and super clear water, it’s the perfect place to discover the underwater world and see the corals and fishes.

The Crystal Lagoon, Santa Maria Cave or the Cominotto Reef are some of the best diving spots.

At the foot of Santa Maria tower, you can also dive to see the P31 wreck, a patrol boat used by the armed forces and now lying 20 metres underwater.

To dive in Comino, you will need to be an experienced diver (first dives aren’t organized there) and book your dive in advance by clicking on the button below:

Scuba diving Malta

6. Other activities in Comino

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon, snorkeling and hiking around the island are really the 3 main activities to do in Comino.

But if you want more, from the boat pier, you can also go for a towed buoy tour, rent kayaks or rent jet skis.

jet ski
Jet ski Comino

Where to eat in Comino

There are no restaurants on Comino, but you will find food trucks selling sandwiches, burgers, chips and cold drinks.

It will for sure not be the best lunch of your life, but the prices are quite fair, especially considering the fact that there is no competition.

And if you want to be totally trendy, there is one thing you must do in Comino: drink a cocktail served in a pineapple!

You can choose between pina colada, mojito…or Blue Lagoon! With or without alcohol.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your pineapple cocktail with the turquoise colour of the Blue Lagoon in the background 😉.

The best things to do around Comino

Comino is located between Malta and Gozo and is only visited on a day trip.

So after visitng Comino and the Blue Lagoon, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the other 2 islands during your stay.

Visit Malta

Here is my selection of the best things to do in Malta:

  • Valletta, the capital. The city is famous for its traditional architecture and its cathedral, the co-cathedral of St. John, featuring numerous gold-plated decorations.
  • The Three Cities, 3 cities located opposite Valletta, offering superb views over the Grand Harbor
  • Mdina: the ancient capital of Malta, very charming and picturesque
  • The Blue Grotto (not to be confused with the Blue Lagoon!): a sea cave with deep blue water. You can admire it from the viewpoint or opt for a short boat trip.

For more info about the best places to visit in Malta, you should read my detailed article: The 27 best things to do in Malta

And to organize your visit to Valletta, you can read this guide: Top 10 things to do in Valletta.

Voyage Tips - Advice

In order to help you plan your stay in Malta, I have written detailed itineraries depending on the duration of your stay.

You will see, planning your trip to Malta will be super easy!

To read them, you just have to click on the links below:

Blue Grotto Malta
The Blue Grotto, from the viewpoint

Visit Gozo

In Gozo, you shouldn’t miss:

  • Victoria: the capital city of Gozo is especially famous for its citadel, which offers great views over the whole island
  • Dwejra, where the famous Azure Window (now collapsed) used to be located. The place is still worth seeing for the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole, a famous diving site.
  • Ta’Pinu Basilica, a true architectural masterpiece
  • Marsalforn sal pans, for a beautiful walk along the sea up to Wield Il Gashri, a canyon where you can swim.

You want to learn more about the best things to do in Gozo? Have a look at my article: The 10 best things to do in Gozo

Ta’Pinu Basilica

Malta’s beaches

Comino is definitely one of the most beautiful places to swim in Malta, but if you feel like taking advantage of your trip to spend some time at the beach, I recommend you:

In Malta:

  • Mellieha Bay: Malta’s largest sandy beach
  • Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, one of the prettiest beach of the island
  • Gnejna Bay: located close to Ghajn Tuffieha and also very nice

In Gozo:

  • Ramla Bay: the largest beach in Gozo, famous for its ochre-coloured sand
  • The canyon of Wiel Il Ghasri
  • Hondoq Bay beach

This is just a brief overview of the beaches and coves, I have prepared the full list of Malta’s best beaches here: The 25 most beautiful beaches in Malta and Gozo.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Where to stay when visiting Comino?

If you were planning to spend a holiday in Comino, this is unfortunately no longer possible.

The only hotel in Comino has recently closed for renovation.

As it will probably be destroyed and completely rebuilt, it’s not yet known when it will reopen.

There is however a campsite in Comino, but it’s just a place to put your tent, there is absoluetly no amenities.

This means that you will have to bring all your equipment (tent, stove etc…) if you want to camp in Comino. Not very convenient!

So you will have to stay in Malta or Gozo to go to Comino.

Here is my selection of the best hotels in Malta and Gozo depending on your budget, organized by city.

Accommodation in Malta

If you want a hotel in the south of Malta, you should stay around Valletta:

  • Private Room: Located 300 metres away from Fort St Elmo and 700 meters from the Upper Barrakka gardens. Comfortable double room from 75€, breakfast included. Strong points: the excellent location, the hospitality and kindness of the host, the calm.
  • Grand Harbour Hôtel: Hotel with traditional architecture, located in the heart of downtown Valletta, only 100 meters away from the Upper Barraka Gardens. Standard double room from 90€ per night or view sea + Three Cities view for 110€, breakfast included. Strong points: ideal location, magnificent view, roof terrace.
  • Tano’s Boutique guesthouse: Hotel located in the center of Valletta, very close to all the best places to visit. Spacious and bright double room from 115€ per night. Strong points: the central location, the calm, the terrace on the roof for breakfast. The best value for money in town!
  • Grand Hôtel Excelsior: 5* Hotel located on the waterfront, the view is stunning! Very nice rooms starting at 170€ per night. Strong points: The swimming pool, jacuzzi, free parking, the amazing breakfast and many other things that will make your stay in Valletta truly exceptional. My favourite place to stay in Valletta!
  • Hôtel Phoenicia Malta: Luxury hotel located on City Gate square. Spacious, bright and tastefully decorated double room from 349€, breakfast at 17€. Strong points: the infinity pool with view on the port, the huge garden, the place and the free private parking. It’s simply the best hotel in Valletta, if you can afford it.

For a stay in the North of Malta (convenient for getting to Comino), it’s best to choose a hotel towards Mellieha:

  • Pergola Hotel & Spa: located in Mellieha with a view over the bay, the village, Gozo and Comino. Studio apartment with kitchen amenities starting from 80€/night, breakfast for an additional 8€. Best features: kitchen amenities, view, excellent service, 3 swimming pools.
  • Maritim Antonine Hotel & spa: located in Mellieha, 1km away from a vast sand beach. Very spacious and elegent double room starting from 140€/night, breakfast included. Best features: rooftop swimming pool with a scenic view over the bay, heated pool and hot tubs, good buffet with many options, next to bus stops going to Valletta or to the beach. It’s the best value for money in Mellieha.
  • Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands: located in Golden Bay and 2min walking distance to a lovely beach. Big double room with balcony (sea view or countryside view) starting from 150€/night, breakfast for an additional 20€. Best feature: direct access to the beach, view, delicious breakfast, during summertime you can get complimentary sun bed and umbrella on the beach.

Voyage Tips - Advice

For a wider selection of hotels in all the main cities of Malta, you can read my detailed article: Where to stay in Malta?

You will also find a selection of all-inclusive hotels and cheap hotels.

Accommodation in Gozo

  • Bambina guesthouse: Guesthouse located in Xaghra, 10min walking from the beach. Modern with a zen vibe double room starting from 75€/night. Best features: amazing house with a swimming pool and a great view over Gozo, friendly staff, direct access to the beach, very good value. My favorite in Gozo!
  • Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse: Charming hotel located in Victoria, the capital of Gozo. Fully renovated double room starting from 90€/night, breakfast included. Decoration is a mix of modern and traditional. Best features: central location, close to all the bus stops, homemade breakfast, friendly and helpful staff.
  • The Duke Boutique Hostel: Located in the center of Victoria. Very spacious and comfortable double room starting from 100€/night, breakfast included. Best features: location, great bedding, rooftop terrace view, great breakfast with many options, great staff, some rooms have a hot tub on the balcony.
  • Kempiski Hôtel San Lawrenz : Luxury hotel located in San Lawrenz, close to Inland Sea ad Ta’Pinu Basilica. Spacious and modern double room with balcony starting from 130€/night. Breakfast for an additional 25€. Best features: amazing view, huge swimming pools, indoor pool, free parking lot, outstanding breakfast, nice spa. It’s simply the best hotel in Gozo.
Ile de Gozo - Kempiski Hotel San Lawrenz - Hôtel de luxe où dormir à Gozo
Gozo Island – Kempiski Hotel San Lawrenz – Luxury hotel in Gozo

When to go to Comino?

You can go to Comino all year round.

However, as you are going there by boat, the trips might be canceled due to weather conditions.

It’s hopefully rather uncommon, especially during summer!

During the low season (between November and April) there are fewer departures.

In summer, between June and early September, it gets crowded quickly at the Blue Lagoon.

So your best bet is to opt for a private boat trip that will allow you to visit the Blue Lagoon in the late afternoon (click here to book the 3h30 version and there for the full day.)

In my opinion, the best time to go to Comino if you want to swim is end of May-early June and September-October. The water is quite warm and it’s less crowded.

For hiking, you should ideally go to Comino at end of March/April: it’s greener and the temperature is perfect for a walk!

Other things to do in Malta and Gozo

You’re you up for more activities during your stay in Malta?

No problem: Here you will find the complete activities list. There is definitely something for you!

For more information about these activities and to book them, simply click on the following links:

The 3 best activities to do in Malta

It’s your first trip to Malta and you want to focus on the best activities and excursions?

In that case, I have selected for you the 3 activities and excursions you can’t miss during your trip to Malta.

So, here are my 3 favorites!

1) Going on a boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon

2) Visiting Gozo by Quad bike or Jeep

  • VIP full day quad bike tour in Gozo (top!) – Visit the island of Gozo with the best local guide and take a lunch in an amazing restaurant with countryside view. Small groups + discover more than 2 times more places than with other quad tours (including a few hidden gems!)
  • Full day Quad bike tour in Gozo, with departure from Malta (transport included). Return by boat via Comino and the Blue Lagoon! Definitely one of the best activities in Malta!
  • Gozo: Jeep tour – Pick up at your hotel in Malta included. A great way to discover Gozo if you don’t want to drive!

3) Diving in Malta and Gozo

  • Adventure try dive in Malta – Malta is a very well known destination for this activity. A VIP try dive with private instructor is also available if you want an instructor just for you and your family/group!
  • First Dive at one of the most beautiful dive sites in Europe. And if you already have diving experience, you can opt for the following packages: “1 day – 2 dives” (click here) and “2 days – 4 dives” (click there).

In addition to the 3 amazing activities mentioned above, here is the complete list, with all other activities you can do in Malta:

1) The best activities in Malta (and from Malta)

Boat trips to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Catamaran
Blue Lagoon – Catamaran

Visiting Gozo from Malta

Guided visits and excursions in Malta

Other activities to enjoy in Malta

Partying in Malta

If you want to take advantage of your stay in Malta to party (on your last evening or maybe even on several evenings during your stay !), you should:

  • Go on a pub crawl and make friends from all other the world – Click here!
  • Dance all night long in one of Paceville nightclubs
  • Opt for a boat party with an open bar.

Hiking tour in Malta
Hiking tour in Malta

2) The best activities in Gozo

Boat trips

Other activities / Guided tours

Nautical activities

Gozo from above
Gozo from above!

What to do in Malta and Gozo after your day trip to Comino Blue Lagoon?

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You want to know more about the best places to visit in Gozo? it’s right here: The 10 best things to do in Gozo.

If you want to do something else than nautical activities, you should go quad biking in Gozo. It’s amazing! You need to read my guide here: Quad biking in Malta/Gozo: All my best tips

And you might not know it, but Malta is the perfect place for Diving.

So if you want to go diving in Malta/Gozo, you should read my article: Diving in Malta: The definitive guide.

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Malta travel Guides

  • Buy the Lonely Planet Malta guide on or on
  • Buy the DK Eyewitness Malta guide on or on

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visit Comino Malta
How to visit Comino Blue Lagoon, in Malta

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