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How to visit Gozo/Malta by quad bike (+ Discount Code)

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If you only want to book your quad bike tour in Gozo without reading this article (even if I recommend you to read it, to know everything!), you just have to click on the orange links below:

  • Guided quad bike tour of Gozo  – With transport from Malta + lunch included! – use my coupon code “tips5” for a 5% discount 😎
  • Guided quad tour of Gozo + sunset – Same as above, but with a later departure to enjoy the sunset. Available between May 15 and October 15. – “tips5” coupon code also available for this tour!

And if there’s no more availability for the guided tour and quad rental, you can see if the other provider who organizes guided tours of Gozo has any availability (click here).

Have fun!

You’re planning to go on a quad bike tour in Gozo or to rent quad bikes during your stay in Malta?

Great idea!

First of all, you should know that quad bike tours (and rentals) in Malta are actually done on the island of Gozo, the 2nd island of the Maltese archipelago. It’s located only 20 minutes by boat from Malta.

In my opinion, a quad bike tour in Gozo is clearly the best way to explore this beautiful island in a fun way!

So, what are the best quad bike tours? Where to rent quad bikes in Gozo?

Gozo Quad Bike Tour from Malta – Full Day

This full day quad bike tour in Gozo will allow you to discover the most beautiful places of the island accompanied by a guide while enjoying some free time for a swim stop (in summer).

It also includes a buffet lunch as well as transportation from all the main cities of Malta: Valletta, Gzira, Sliema, Buggiba, Mellieha.

A mini bus will pick you up in the morning and take you directly to the private boat going to Gozo.

You will not have to take the ferry, so no time wasted!

Once you will arrive in Gozo and disembark, someone will be waiting to take you to the starting location of your Gozo quad bike tour.

Of course, if you are already staying in Gozo, you can also do this tour! All you have to do is to go to the meeting point.

During your quad bike tour in Gozo from Malta, you will visit:

  • Qala Belvedere, to admire the view over Comino and the island of Malta
  • Ramla Bay beach: the largest beach in Gozo is famous for the ocher color of its sand. You will have some time to walk around or take a dip.
  • Victoria, the capital of Gozo, where you can find a beautiful citadel
  • Marsalforn salt pans: one of my favorite places on the island, just going there makes your quad bike tour in Gozo really worth it!
  • Dwejra where the Azure Window, Gozo’s former most famous tourist attraction used to be located. Even if it collapsed in 2017, Dwejra is still home to 2 very famous places: the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole (for diving). Cool fact: Dwejra was actually used as a filming location for the series Game of Thrones!
  • Xlendi Bay, a small seaside resort.
marais salants Marsalforn
Marsalforn Salt Marshes – Gozo Quad Biking Tour

During this quad bike tour in Gozo, the following is included:

  • Lunch
  • A stop in a local store where you can taste Gozo honey and prickly pear liquor (very good!)
  • A swim stop at the Inland Sea in summer.

After the quad bike ride, you will be taken back to the port to catch the boat. On the way, the boat makes a detour to Comino so that you can admire the Blue Lagoon and the sea caves.

The minibus will then take you back to your hotel in Malta.

These guided quad tours are so good, I’ve contacted the provider to offer you a discount code.

Only voyagetips readers are entitled to it, and it’s only available for the first 50 bookings made in 2024.

So don’t wait, and when you book, try entering the coupon code “tips5” for an instant 5% discount! 😎

To book this quad bike tour to Gozo from Malta (lunch+ boat tour from Malta included), you just have to click on the button below:

If you prefer to enjoy the sunset in Gozo, you should rather book this version of the tour (click here to book).

Available from May 15 to October 15, it’s exactly the same as the tour mentioned above, just you start in the early afternoon and dinner is included!

And if there’s no more availability for the guided tour and quad rental, you can see if the other provider who organizes guided tours of Gozo has any availability (click here).

Dwejra bay
Dwejra – On the program of this quad bike tour of Gozo

Quad bike rental in Gozo

If you want to rent a quad bike in Gozo and organize your itinerary, that’s also possible!

You will quickly see that a quad bike is particularly well suited to move around Gozo and take all the small roads of the island.

The rates for quad bike rentals in Gozo start at 65€ for 3 hours, 85€ for 5h or 99€ per day (6h).

I strongly advise you to book your quad bike in advance to be sure to have one. The demand is very high and if you try to book at the last minute (especially in high season), there will be nothing available.

To rent your quad bike in Gozo with the best agency (big quads, not kids toys!), it’s simple: you just have to click on the green button below:

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In addition to Gozo, you can also rent a quad bike in Malta, but it’s not really worth it.

The island is quite big and visiting Malta by quad bike isn’t particularly pleasing: the roads aren’t adapted and there is a lot of traffic!

All places to visit in Malta are anyway accessible by car or public transport.

Because of this, there is no quad bike tours in Malta. Only in Gozo!

quad bikes hire Gozo
quad bikes hire Gozo

VIP quad bike tour in Gozo – Full day

You’re looking for the best quad bike tour in Gozo?

Then look no further!

The Gozo VIP full day quad bike tour will allow you to discover the best places to visit of the island, as well as a few secret spots!

Sam, your guide, will make sure your day will be the best ever:

You will be driving mostly on the small countryside roads only known by locals, and Sam will take you to amazing viewpoints where other tours don’t go!

You will thus be able to take stunning pictures of Gozo 😉.

The complete itinerary of the tour is kept secret (to ensure that you won’t meet too many other tourists!), but I can tell you that it’s absolutely fantastic!

For lunch, Sam will take you to a good restaurant (local cuisine) featuring an amazing view over Gozo countryside. The lunch is at your own expense, so you can order what you please.

As Sam is a local guide, he will indeed tell you everything you need to know about the island, with some very interesting anecdotes!

Ready to have an amazing day in Gozo?

Then book your VIP quad bike tour as soon as possible (it’s a small group tour, so seats are very limited!) by clicking on the button below:

Don’t forget to say hi to Sam from me (Vincent) when you will meet him 😄!

Best quad tour Gozo
Want to go there? Take the VIP quad tour!

Gozo Quad Bike Tour from Malta – Half Day

You want to visit Gozo by quad bike from Malta, but you only have half a day?

No problem!

You can enjoy a short trip to Gozo with this 3-hour quad bike tour.

First, they will come pick you up in Malta: the pickup time will depend on where your hotel is located: Valletta, Gzira, Sliema, Buggiba or Mellieha.

Just like for the full day tour, you will then take a private boat to Gozo and go to the tour’s departure point.

If you’re already staying in Gozo, it will be even easier: you will just have to go directly to the meeting point.

During your 3-hour quad bike tour in Gozo, you will see:

  • Qala Belvedere, for its sublime view on the small island of Comino and the turquoise water of the Blue Lagoon
  • The beach of Ramla Bay, a beautiful sandy beach
  • Marsalforn salt pans, the highlight of the day!
  • Ghasri Valley, to discover the Gozitan countryside.

Unlike for the full day tour, the lunch, the swimming stop and the private boat return are not included.

At the end of the tour, you will be taken back to the port to catch the ferry to Malta.

To book your half day quad bike tour in Gozo, you need to click on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

In my opinion, half a day is too short to visit Gozo.

This half day quad bike tour is a good option if you are really short on time, but it’s really not the best choice if you aren’t in a rush.

If you have a full day, you should rather opt for the classic full day quad bike tour, the one at sunset or the VIP quad bike tour.

Ramla Bay Mixta Cave Gozo
View of Ramla Bay

Practical information to visit Gozo by quad bike

Here are some things you should know about driving and renting quad bikes in Gozo:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to drive the quad
  • You must have your driving license (no need for an international license, at least if you are from EU!)
  • Wear closed shoes, and for girls, no heels
  • For the quad bike tour, remember to bring towels and your swimsuit
  • If you rent a quad bike (without a guide), a few roads are forbidden.

Gozo quad Malte

Other things to do in Malta and Gozo

You’re you up for more activities during your stay in Malta?

No problem: Here you will find the complete activities list. There is definitely something for you!

For more information about these activities and to book them, simply click on the following links:

The 4 best activities to do in Malta

It’s your first trip to Malta and you want to focus on the best activities and excursions?

In that case, I have selected for you the 4 activities and excursions you can’t miss during your trip to Malta.

So, here are my 4 favorites!

1) Going on a boat trip to Comino Blue Lagoon

2) Visiting Gozo by Quad bike or Jeep

  • Full day Quad bike tour in Gozo, with departure from Malta (transport included). Return by boat via Comino and the Blue Lagoon! Definitely one of the best activities in Malta!
  • Renting quad bikes in  Gozo: To visit Gozo, you can also rent quad bikes! You can get the best quad bikes (brand new, 450cc) by clicking here and booking them directly on Quad Bikes Gozo website. The rental include helmets, free 2nd driver and a GPS map of Gozo’s best places to visit.
  • Gozo: Jeep tour – Pick up at your hotel in Malta included. A great way to discover Gozo if you don’t want to drive!

3) Diving in Malta and Gozo

4) Jet-ski-tour around Comino (Blue Lagoon)

  • Jet Ski Tour (From Gozo) – Follow your instructor on an epic 1h tour around Comino and discover the sea caves! – Call me at +356 7920 1451 (phone or whatsapp) and I will book the activity for you!

In addition to the 4 amazing activities mentioned above, here is the complete list, with all other activities you can do in Malta:

1) The best activities in Malta (and from Malta)

Boat trips to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Catamaran
Blue Lagoon – Catamaran

Visiting Gozo from Malta

Guided visits and excursions in Malta

Other activities to enjoy in Malta

Partying in Malta

If you want to take advantage of your stay in Malta to party (on your last evening or maybe even on several evenings during your stay !), you should:

  • Go on a pub crawl and make friends from all other the world – Click here!
  • Dance all night long in one of Paceville nightclubs
  • Opt for a boat party with an open bar.

Hiking tour in Malta
Hiking tour in Malta

2) The best activities in Gozo

Boat trips

Other activities / Guided tours

Nautical activities

Gozo from above
Gozo from above! 

What to do in Malta and Gozo after your quad bike tour?

To discover all the best things to do in Malta, you should read my article: The 25 best Things to do in Malta.

You want to know more about the best places to visit in Gozo? it’s right here: The 10 best things to do in Gozo.

To prepare your trip to Comino Blue Lagoon, have a look at my detailed guide: How to visit Comino and the blue Lagoon?

And you might not know it, but Malta is the perfect place for Diving.

So if you want to go diving in Malta/Gozo, you should read my article: Diving in Malta: The definitive guide.

Book your trip now and save money!

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Quad bike tour Gozo
Quad bike tour Gozo

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