Visit Abu Dhabi: Top 17 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to Do in Abu Dhabi: The 17 Best Places to Visit (All Highlights)

You’re going to visit Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates for your next trip?

Great idea!

In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this guide of the 17 best things to do in Abu Dhabi, with all points of interest and must-see attractions.

In addition to this list of things to do and activities, I will also give you itineraries to visit Abu Dhabi in 1, 2 or 3 days as well as my selection of the best accommodations depending on your budget.

So, what are the best things to do in Abu Dhabi? Where to stay?

Visit Abu Dhabi: All Must See attractions

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is for sure the most famous tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi.

Completed in 2007, this emblematic monument houses the tomb of Sheikh Zayed, known as the Father of the Nation.

The Sheikh, who was the first President of the United Arab Emirates, initiated the construction of this mosque. Unfortunately, he died in 2004 and never saw this masterpiece finished.

If I need to quickly describe Sheikh Zayed Mosque, 2 adjectives come to my mind: magnificent and huge!

The numbers speak for themselves: 22.000 m², 4 minarets, 82 domes and thousands of columns.

Of course, I had seen many pictures online before I visited the mosque: it didn’t prevent me from being really impressed by its architecture and atmosphere. It’s simply spectacular!

In addition to being an architectural masterpiece, Sheikh Zayed Mosque hold 2 records:

It houses the biggest chandelier in the world (12 tons!) as well as the biggest hand-woven carpet in the world.

1200 weavers worked for more than a year to weave the 5627 m² of this Persian carpet, which costed more than 6 million euros.

You can walk around the mosque and see the chandelier, but the inner rooms as well as the prayer rooms are only accessible with a free guided tour that takes about 45 minutes.

You can find more information about the guided visit on the official website.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi

Practical information for your visit to Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque:

  • How to get to Abu Dhabi Mosque? From the city center, take bus no. 94 or a taxi (approx. 45 AED)
  • The entrance is located in the glass dome next to the taxi station. Go to the basement and follow the signs to the mosque.
  • Admission is free, but you have to take a ticket from the vending machines to get in. It will be scanned several times during your visit, so keep it!
  • Open every day from 9.00 to 22.00, except Fridays from 16.30 to 22.00
  • Women must wear an abaya (provided free of charge) and cover their hair.

Voyage Tips - Advice

You should go to the mosque just before sunset (don’t forget to allow enough time to pass the controls and to give the ladies a bit of time to wear their abaya).

You will thus be able to see the mosque by day and then by night, when it’s fully lit.

If you want to take the best pictures of the whole mosque, you should go to the other side of the street, at Wahat Al Karama.

Wahat Al Karama is a memorial that consists of 31 huge panels called the “leaning pillars”. It ‘s a tribute to the soldiers who died for the UAE.

To get superb photos of your visit to the mosque, you should hire a professional photographer! You can click here to book your photo session at the mosque.

Abu Dhabi Mosque
The Great Mosque, in Abu Dhabi

2. The Louvre Abu Dhabi

In addition to the Grand Mosque, the Louvre is the other must-see attraction in Abu Dhabi.

The museum is the result of a collaboration between the United Arab Emirates and France and focuses on art from prehistory to the present.

Opened in 2017, it consists of 12 permanent galleries arranged in chronological order: the first villages, the first civilizations, religions and the modern world.

The museum is very modern, and the works are perfectly highlighted. You can find explanations in Arabic, English and French.

If you want, you can also rent audio guides for 21 AED.

In addition to these galleries, the Louvre Abu Dhabi also offers temporary exhibitions, a children’s museum, an auditorium, a restaurant, a café and a shop.

After visiting the galleries, don’t miss the museum’s outdoor area located on the waterfront. You will be able to appreciate the museum’s unique architecture, with its steel dome that lets the sunlight through.

Practical information for your visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi:

  • How to get to the Louvre Abu Dhabi? From the city center, take bus number 94 or a taxi (about 25 AED)
  • Entrance fees: AED 63 for adults, AED 31 from 13 to 22 years old and free for children under 13 years old.
  • Saturday to Wednesday open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. / Friday and Saturday open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. / Monday closed
  • Allow at least 2 hours for your visit.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to visit the Louvre during your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should buy your skip the line ticket in advance.

You will save a lot of time!

You get your tickets directly on your smartphone and then simply show them at the entrance, without having to go to the ticket office. You can book your tickets by clicking on the button below:

Louvre Abu Dhabi
The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Voyage Tips - Advice

You’re going to Abu Dhabi?

You probably know it: the hardest part of planning your trip is to find an hotel offering a good value for money!

And that’s even worse in big touristic cities like Abu Dhabi 😅.

The closer you get to your travel dates, the harder it will be to get a good deal. Tens of thousands of people will be visiting Abu Dhabi on the same dates as you, so you can be sure that the best deals are booked extremely quickly!

Hopefully, there is a pretty simple solution to this problem: do like me and book your hotel as early as possible!

So, my best advice is to take 5 minutes (now) to have a look at the list of travelers’ favorite hotels in Abu Dhabi.

And if you see a good offer, book it!

Most hotels offer free cancellation, so it’s quick, easy, and you will avoid the the inconvenience of finding nothing but mediocre rooms at exorbitant prices.

To check the current best deals for your hotel in Abu Dhabi, simply click on the green button below 😎:

Once you’ve booked your hotel, it will be time to continue reading this guide and find out more about the best things to do in Abu Dhabi!

3. Qasr Al Hosn Fort

Let’s continue this Abu Dhabi travel guide with a visit to Qasr Al Hosn Fortress.

Built in the 18th century, the fort is the oldest building in the city. Recently restored, it houses a museum with exhibitions, historical artifacts and films about the origins of Abu Dhabi and its development over the years.

The second part of the visit allows you to explore the palace area built in 1940, where some of Abu Dhabi’s rulers once lived.

After visiting Qasr Al Hosn, you can go to the House Of Artisans to learn more about traditional weaving methods and how to make baskets from palm leaves.

The House Of Artisans is located outside the fortress, in the main square, where the Cultural Foundation is also located.

The square features a nice pond and offers a beautiful view over the modern buildings in the background.

The fort is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9.00 to 19.00 / Friday from 12.00 to 22.00.

The entrance ticket costs 30 AED. You need to buy it by clicking here:

Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi
Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi

4. The Corniche, in Abu Dhabi

During your trip to Abu Dhabi, you can also stroll along the Corniche promenade.

This 8 kilometers long pedestrian walkway along the sea also features a cycle path with several bike rental stations.

There are also children’s playgrounds, cafés and restaurants.

The Corniche also offers access to various supervised beaches: for families, for singles and a public beach. Access to the public beach is free and the entrance fee for the other two is about 10 AED.

During weekends, many locals and families go to The Corniche and enjoy this pleasant walk.

Voyage Tips - Advice

You can also discover The Corniche with a one-hour boat trip.

During this tour, you will see the city from a different angle and enjoy a great view over some of Abu Dhabi’s must-see attractions.

You need to book your boat tour in Abu Dhabi by clicking on the button below:

Corniche Abu Dhabi
The Corniche, Abu Dhabi

5. Emirates Palace

During your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should really go to the Emirates Palace.

Like the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Emirates Palace is one of the very few 7* hotels in the world. You will for sure notice it at first sight from the outside: it’s super luxurious!

The great thing is that even if you cannot afford to spend a night in this magnificent hotel, you can visit the Emirates Palace for free.

Needless to say that it shines and sparkles everywhere: crystal, mother of pearl, marble, giant chandeliers. The place is really impressive!

Walls, ceilings and furniture, everything here is covered with gold plating. There is even a gold vending machine, and the hotel is famous for its cappuccino sprinkled with gold leaf.

Inside the Emirates Palace, there are several cafés and restaurants open to the public.

For example, you can book lunch or dinner at the French restaurant Le Vendôme (You need to click here to book it in advance). Pick up and drop off at your hotel are included.

Voyage Tips - Advice

In order to enter the Emirates Palace, you need to be dressed properly: no shorts, flip-flops or open shoes and your shoulders must to be covered.

If you want to stay at the Emirates Palace during your holiday in Abu Dhabi, you can check the prices and make your reservation by clicking here.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace, luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi

6. Qasr Al Watan / Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace (or Qasr Al Watan / or “Palace of the Nation”) has been opened to the public in 2019 by the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Sheikh wants to enable visitors to better understand the culture of the UAE.

Qasr Al Watan was once only used for official ceremonies and large international meetings. Nowadays, it’s one of the most important monuments of Abu Dhabi and clearly a place you should visit!

When arriving on site, you will need to take a shuttle bus to the palace.

You should first take some time to admire the building from the outside and take beautiful pictures of this architectural masterpiece.

Together with the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the palace is one of my favorite places to visit in Abu Dhabi!

The interior is also magnificent: everything is covered with gold and mosaics and the ceilings and domes are beautiful.

In addition to the entrance hall, you can discover the following rooms:

  • The Gift Room contains some of the precious gifts that officials from other countries offered to the President.
  • Council room, where the official meetings are held.
  • Banquet room, where dinners with foreign dignitaries are organized.
  • Meeting room
  • Library
  • House of knowledge, about the Arabic influence in the world.

Practical information for your visit to the Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi:

  • The visit will take you around 1h
  • Qasr Al Watan is open daily from 10.00 to 19.15
  • There is a sound and light show every evening at 19h30 in the park. It lasts about 15 minutes and is free of charge.
  • The entrance ticket costs 60 AED. Since this tour attracts a lot of tourists, you should really book your tickets in advance by clicking on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to discover the 3 main points of interest of Abu Dhabi (the presidential palace, the mosque and the Etihad Towers – which I will mention later in this article), you should opt for a 5 hour guided tour of the city.

The tour is available in English and the guide is amazing! The tour includes pick up at your hotel, transportation and entrance fees.

You need to click here to book it:

Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi
Qasr Al Watan, Abu Dhabi

7. Etihad Towers

The Etihad Towers are also among Abu Dhabi’s best tourist attractions.

This complex of 5 skyscrapers is one of the landmarks of the city. You may even have already seen pictures of it!

It consists of 3 residential towers + The 5* Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel.

The last building (tower number 2) is the most interesting for you. There you can go to a panoramic viewing platform located on the 74th floor, 300 meters above the ground. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a magnificent view over the whole city!

The view over the Emirates Palace, the Presidential Palace and the Corniche is truly magnificent

Tickets for the Etihad Towers need to be booked by clicking on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to visit the Etihad Towers in the afternoon, you should book the following ticket. In addition to access to the panoramic platform, this ticket also includes tea or coffee and a selection of cakes and sandwiches.

Everything is delicious, plentiful and well presented. Enjoy the view during your coffee or tea break!

Book your afternoon tea (or coffee) at the Etihad Towers here:

Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi
Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

8. Yas Island

If you have already seen all the main tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, you should now go to Yas Island and enjoy one of the 3 theme parks located there!

1) Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi: One of the largest indoor theme parks in the world.

The park is divided into 6 main themes: Gotham City for the Batman universe, Metropolis for Superman or another part for Looney Tunes. It was voted the world’s best theme park in 2019.

To avoid long waiting lines at the entrance and save a lot of time, you should really book your tickets in advance:

* Tickets with transfers from Abu Dhabi included can also be booked. Simply click here.

2) Yas Waterworld: One of the best waterparks in the world.

This large water park offers more than 40 attractions: Slides, lagoons, wave pools, buoys or barrel slides and the biggest wave machine in the world.

It’s for sure one of the best activities you can do in Abu Dhabi with your children!

Book your tickets for Yas Waterworld here:

3) Ferrari World: A park dedicated to the mythical car brand.

It includes the fastest roller coaster in the world (0 to 245km/h in 5 seconds!), a collection of race cars and several simulators that allow you to experience the sensations of being a racing driver.

You need to buy your tickets right here:

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to visit 2 parks on Yas Island on the same day, you should buy the following ticket.

You will need to choose 2 parks between Warner bros, Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World. It’s a great way to save money!

From Yas Island, you can also take a seaplane tour. An original experience that will allow you to discover Abu Dhabi from the sky!

Book your seaplane tour in Abu Dhabi by clicking here!

Yas Waterworld
Yas Waterworld

9. Yas Marina Circuit

You want to see how it feels to be a racing driver?

During your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should thus go to Yas Marina, also known as “Yas Island Circuit” .

The race track is also located on Yas Island, not far from Ferrari World.

This circuit was specially built for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix. The first race took place in 2009.

To learn everything about Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit, you can opt for a guided tour:

You will discover the racing school, the different race cars, the F1 teams garages and even enjoy a tour of the grandstands and on the race track.

To book your Yas Marina Circuit guided tour, simply click on the button below:

In Yas Marina, you can also take driving lessons.

It’s the perfect occasion to learn to pilot an authentic Formula 3000, a Chevrolet Camaro or an Aston Martin GT4 on the F1 circuit!

To book your driving lesson, click on the link of your choice, depending on the type of car:

And for the less adventurous 😅 or if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can also:

2 other great experiences for car lovers!

Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Circuit, in Abu Dhabi

10. Saadiyat beach

I have already told you about the beaches along the Corniche, but there is another place in Abu Dhabi where you can go to the beach.

Saadiyat beach is located on the same island as the Louvre museum, right next to Park Hyatt Hotel.

With its fine sand and turquoise waters, this 9km long sandy beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the UAE.

The beach is divided into 3 areas:

  • The public beach (paid access – 35 AED/adults) and a part equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas (70 AED during the week and 90 AED on Fridays and Saturdays).
  • Saadiyat Beach Club, a beach with swimming pool, spa, gym and a trendy lounge bar. You can find the rates on the official website.
  • Hotel’s private beaches such as the Saint Régis and the Park Hyatt, (only accessible for hotel guests) .
Voyage Tips - Advice

Saadiyat is a protected nature area. Many turtles come here to lay their eggs. Access to the dunes is prohibited to protect the fauna and flora.

Saadiyat beach

Saadiyat Beach, the most beautiful beach in Abu Dhabi

11. Mangrove National Park – Abu Dhabi

You have probably decided to visit Abu Dhabi to discover the city and its must-see tourist attractions.

But if you are in the mood for a bit of nature during your holiday, you should really visit the Mangrove National Park.

The best way to discover this ecosystem is to book a guided kayak tour. The tour takes around 2 hours and costs about 170 AED per person.

You can book your kayak tour in Abu Dhabi on one of these 2 websites: SeaHawk or Noukhada adventure.

Since 2020, the mangroves can also be discovered on foot, thanks to the “Mangrove walk”, a wooden footbridge built on the water. The entrance is free and you have the choice between several walking trails from 1 km to a maximum of 2 km.

Open daily from 8h to 18h30.

Abu Dhabi Mangroven-Nationalpark kajak
Abu Dhabi Mangrove National Park

12. Zayed Heritage Centre

You’re up for some cultural tourism in Abu Dhabi?

Then, in addition to the Louvre and Qasr Al Hosn Fortress, you should go to Zayed Heritage Center.

This museum is mainly dedicated to Skeikh Zayed, the Father of the Nation.

There, you will discover personal photographs and objects, his collection of gifts received from personalities from all over the world and his car collection.

Other rooms of the museum are dedicated to Abu Dhabi’s police, with an exhibition of uniforms and weapons, or to the postal service, with an impressive stamp collection.

Zayed Heritage Centre is located in Al Bateen district. It’s open from Sunday to Thursday.

The entrance is free.

13. Heritage Village

Heritage Village is a reconstruction of a traditional Bedouin village.

A great place to discover Abu Dhabi’s history!

You can visit the museum to learn more about the city’s maritime past, and see objects such as antique jewelry and weapons.

You will also be able to observe craftsmen at work practicing glass work, weaving or pottery and purchase local products such as clothes, jewels and spices.

In the village, they have also rebuilt a “fake” oasis to help you understand how the traditional irrigation system worked.

There is also a traditional arabian wind tower, an architectural element used to create natural ventilation and passive cooling in buildings

But don’t be fooled, the village was built from the ground up for tourists!

If I mention the Heritage Village in this travel guide, it’s also because it offers a very nice view over Abu Dhabi’s skyline.

From there, you can see the Corniche, the Etihad Towers and the other buildings of the city.

Access to Heritage Village and to its beach is free.

Open from Saturday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00 and Friday only in the afternoon (around 15. 30).

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Skyline
View of Abu Dhabi skyline, from the Heritage Village

14. Shopping in Abu Dhabi

You’re up for some shopping during your trip to Abu Dhabi?

Here are the best shopping malls:

Yas Mall Abu Dhabi
Yas Mall Abu Dhabi

The 3 Best things to do around Abu Dhabi

Now that you know everything about the best things to do in Abu Dhabi, let’s discover the best places to visit in the surroundings!

15. Excursion in the desert

Let’s start with the most famous day trip from Abu Dhabi: An excursion in the desert.

What’s included:

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Transport
  • Jeep tour in the dunes
  • Sandboarding: surfing in the dunes!
  • Visit to a camel farm
  • Camel ride
  • Photo shooting with a falcon
  • Barbecue dinner in a Bedouin camp with shows and entertainment: henna painting, belly dance.

The best tour in the desert from Abu Dhabi needs to be booked by clicking on the button below:

Wüste Abu Dhabi
Excursion in the desert from Abu Dhabi

16. Dubai

Located only 1h30 away by car or bus from Abu Dhabi, Dubai is of course a must see during your trip in the UAE!

If you want to rent a car to get there, you can check all car rental agencies rates on Cars website.

Here are the best places to visit in Dubai:

You can find detailed information about Dubai in my article: The 30 best things to do in Dubai.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you only want to visit Dubai on a day tip from Abu Dhabi and don’t have a car, you should book a guided tour!

The best tour includes:

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Visit to the Old Dubai
  • Photo stop at the iconic Atlantis Hotel, the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Mosque
  • Visit to the Dubai Museum (entrance fee included)
  • Going to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa.

Book your day trip to Dubai from Abu Dhabi by clicking on the green button below:

Burj Khalifa

17. Al Ain

Near Abu Dhabi, you can also visit the city of Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The journey by car or bus takes about 2 hours.

Here are the best places to visit in Al Ain:

  • Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum (Al Ain Palace)
  • Camel and dromedary market, held every day except Mondays
  • The oasis, for a walk among the palm trees
  • Al Ain National Museum, dedicated to local traditions
  • Al Jahili Fort
  • Jebel Hafeet mountain, which offers a great view over Al Ain.

To book your excursion to Al Ain, simply click on the button below:

Al Jahili Al Ain
Fort Al Jahili, Al Ain

The best things to do in Abu Dhabi with family

If you’re going to visit Abui Dhabi with children, here is the list of the best things to do in the city for your family trip:

How many days to spend in Abu Dhabi?

Most tourists stay only 1 day in Abu Dhabi to see the Louvre or the Presidential Palace and the Great Mosque.

In my opinion, that’s a bit short and you should plan 2 days in Abu Dhabi in order to discover the best places to visit of the city.

And if you can spend 3 days or more in the city, no problem, you will always find things to do: the desert tour or going to Dubai for a day trip can be great options!

1 day in Abu Dhabi

If you only have one day in Abu Dhabi, you should do the following itinerary:

  • Visit the Louvre Museum, as soon as it opens in the morning
  • Discover the Emirates Palace, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world
  • Then visit Qasr Al Watan,the presidential palace
  • Go to the panoramic terrace of the Etihad Towers
  • And of course, visit the mosque of Abu Dhabi at the end of the day!

If you don’t have a car and want to get an good overview of the city in just 1 day, you can take the Hop-on Hop-off bus.

The ticket grants you access to 2 different city tours (red city tour + green city tour) and allows you to discover almost all the places I mention in this travel guide.

To Book your 24-hour ticket for the Hop-on Hop-off Bus in Abu Dhabi, you need to click on the button below:

Voyage Tips - Advice

The best way to discover Abu Dhabi in a day is to opt for a guided tour!

The 6 hour city tour allows you to discover the Mosque, the Corniche, the Emirates Palace, the Etihad Towers and the Presidential Palace.

You need to book your tour directly here:

Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi
The Presidential Palace – Abu Dhabi

2 days in Abu Dhabi

If you plan to spend 2 days in Abu Dhabi, in addition to the first day above, you will have 2 choices for your second day:

1) Continue your discovery of Abu Dhabi:

  • Go kayaking or for an early morning walk in the Mangrove National Park
  • Visits Fort Qasr Al Hosn to learn about the history of the city
  • Walk along the Corniche and maybe go for a swim at the beach. You can also take a boat ride
  • Visit the Heritage Village and enjoy the view over Abu Dhabi
  • Go shopping at the Marina Mall
  • And if you still have some time, spend the end of the day at Saadiyat beach, a great place to admire the sunset.

2) Spend the day on Yas Island:.

Have fun in one (or 2!) of the 3 theme parks: Warner Bros, Yas Waterland or Ferrari world.

You can also visit Yas Marina Circuit and experience driving a race car!

Voyage Tips - Advice

For your 2-day stay in Abu Dhabi, you can purchase a 48-hour ticket for the Hop-on Hop-off Bus. This ticket allows you to travel from one attraction to another if you don’t want to take a taxi or don’t have a car.

Abu Dhabi
Visit Abu Dhabi

3 days in Abu Dhabi

You have 3 days to visit Abu Dhabi?

In addition to the 2 days mentioned above, you can add one of the following day trips for your third day:

4 or 5 days in Abu Dhabi

If you are lucky enough to spend 4 or 5 days in Abu Dhabi (or more!), you will have the opportunity to discover all the places to visit and activities I mention in this guide.

For the 3 first days, follow the itinerary mentioned above and then add the things you haven’t done yet such as the options of Day 2 or more day trips around Abu Dhabi.

Where to stay in Abu Dhabi

To help you choose your accommodation, I have prepared for you the list of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi depending on your budget and their location: city center, next to the beach or on Yas Island.

To get the best rates, you should book as early as possible!

The best hotels in downtown Abu Dhabi

  • Southern Sun Abu Dhabi: Located within walking distance of Abu Dhabi Mall. Modern and tastefully decorated double room from 90 €, breakfast for 14 €. Strong points: the rooftop terrace with swimming pool and bar, free parking and the attentive staff. This is my favorite in Abu Dhabi city center for its excellent value for money!
  • Grand Millennium Al Wahda Abu Dhabi: 2 km from Qasr Al Hosn fortress. Bright double room with panoramic city view from 120€, breakfast for 32€. Strong points: Rooftop swimming pool, the friendly staff, the convenient location.
  • Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi: Located not far from the mangrove park. Double room with elegant and warm decoration from 150€, breakfast for 33€. Strong points: the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, the friendliness of the staff, the comfort.
  • Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi – a concept by Hyatt: Located 5 km from the mosque. Elegant rooms from 290€, breakfast for 40€. Strong points: The architecture and decoration, the swimming pool with a magnificent view, the quality of service. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in the city center of Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi’s best beach hotels with private beaches:

  • Traders Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Abu Dhabi, near Shangri-La: Less than 2 km away from the Grand Mosque. Spacious and comfortable double room from 88€, breakfast for 31€. Strong points: Private beach, swimming pool, spa, very good breakfast.
  • Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, Abu Dhabi: Located on the Persian Gulf, next to the Presidential Palace. Very spacious room with balcony and sitting area from 125€, breakfast for 36€. Strong points: Private beach, outdoor facilities with swimming pool, spa and massage. This is my favorite hotel in Abu Dhabi for its excellent value for money!
  • Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel: Located in the Etihad Towers complex. Refined double room with city and coast views from 230€, breakfast for 41€. Strong points: Access to the panoramic terrace, the magnificent views, private beach, delicious meals. One of the best 5* hotels in Abu Dhabi!
  • Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas: Located on Saadiyat beach. Double room with balcony overlooking the garden or the sea from 490€, breakfast for 33€. Strong points: The magnificent swimming pool, the exceptional location, the atmosphere. This is my recommendation for a romantic stay in Abu Dhabi!
  • Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi: Located on the shore of the gulf. This ultra-luxurious hotel offers suites with high quality furniture and marble bathrooms + garden or sea view from 500€, breakfast for 57€. Strong points: The 2 beautiful swimming pools, the excellent restaurants, the private beach, the architecture of the hotel and the interior design. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in Abu Dhabi!
Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to live like Robinson Crusoe (but in a super luxury version!), you can stay at Zaya Nurai Island Resort.

The hotel is located on a small island, 10 minutes by boat from Saadiyat. It offers villas with private swimming pool and direct access to the beach from 1100€ per night. A heavenly place, ideal for honeymooners!

The best hotels on Yas Island

  • Centro Yas Island-by Rotana: Located next to Yas Marina Circuit. Modern and bright double room with large windows from 95€, breakfast for 17€. Strong points: The warm welcome, the helpful staff, the hearty breakfast.
  • Park Inn near Radisson Abu Dhabi Yas Island: Located near the circuit and Yas Links Golf Club. Colourful and well designed double room from 100€, breakfast for 21€. Strong points: The spa, the helpful staff, the free shuttle to the beach, the shopping center and the parks.
  • Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi: Located next to the theme parks. Elegant and modern double room from 115€, breakfast for 19€. Strong points: Excellent breakfast, free access to a private beach, location. An excellent choice for your stay in Abu Dhabi if you plan to visit the theme parks!
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island: Located next to the race track and golf course. Spacious and comfortable double room from 115€, breakfast for 31€. Strong points: 10 minutes from the theme parks, the very pleasant swimming pool area, the quality of the food.

Where to eat in Abu Dhabi

You will find most restaurants and fast foods in Abu Dhabi’s shopping malls.

All malls have food courts where you can sample dishes from around the world: Arabic, Indian, Chinese or European cuisine.

If you’re on a bigger budget or if you’re in the mood for a romantic evening, you should dine in one of the restaurants of the city’s luxury hotels.

The following restaurants have a very good reputation: Emirates Palace, Shangri La Hotel, Ritz-Carlton or Villa Toscana, in St. Regis hotel.

How to go to Abu Dhabi

There is an international airport in Abu Dhabi.

However, there are fewer international flights arriving there than in Dubai, and the fares are usually higher. You should thus check for flights to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

You can check the rates and schedules with our flight comparator, in partnership with Skyscanner. It’s a great way to get the best flight prices!

If you arrive in Dubai, getting to Abu Dhabi will take 1h30-2h by car or by bus.

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This very convenient website allows you to compare prices between all the rental companies at a given location. You can choose the cheapest company, or the one with the best reputation!

Abu Dhabi Tourist Map

To help you get a better idea of the city, I have created a tourist map of Abu Dhabi that lists all the best places to visit I mention in this guide. You can view the map’s legend by clicking on the upper left button with a small arrow.

And you, what do you plan to visit in Abu Dhabi?

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