Visit Monaco: Top 25 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to do in Monaco: The 25 Best Places to Visit and Highlights

You’re planning to visit Monaco, on the French Riviera, and you’re looking for the best things to do?

You’re at the right place!

Synonymous with luxury and opulence, this city (which is also the 2nd smallest country in the world, after the Vatican) is world famous for its casino, 5* hotels, Michelin starred restaurants and the “Rock of Monaco”.

In order to help you plan your stay, I have written this guide of the 25 best things to do in Monaco, with all must-see attractions and points of interest of the city and its surroundings.

In addition to the best places to visit, you will also find itineraries to visit Monaco in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days (or more!) as well as my selection of the best hotels depending on your budget.

So, what are the best things to do in Monaco? Where to stay?

Let’s find out!

Visit Monaco: 25 Must-See Attractions

1. The Rock of Monaco

Start with Monaco’s unmissable landmark: the Rock.

This is where the history of the city began when, in 1297, Francesco Grimaldi, disguised as a monk, successfully captured The Rock to found the famous Grimaldi dynasty and the Principality of Monaco, still in power today.

The Rock, a district in its own right, constitutes the old town of Monaco or “Monaco City”. The best way to get there is on foot so you can enjoy the views over the harbour and the city.

Very different from the modern part of the city with its buildings, the historic heart of Monaco has narrow streets, colourful houses, and of course no end of souvenir shops and restaurants.

Visit the Monaco Rock and you’ll also discover a raft of iconic places of interest:

  • The Prince’s palace (I tell you more about it below)
  • Saint Nicholas Cathedral (point 3)
  • The Saint Martin Gardens, see point 4
  • The Oceanographic Museum (point 5)

Voyage Tips - Advice

Before you go to Monaco, you can book your “Pass Côte d’Azur France”. It offers access to 3 or 5 activities from a list of more than 100 attractions.

In Monaco, for example, you can visit the Oceanographic Museum and the Museum of Stamps and Coins.

You can also take the hop-on-hop-off bus that runs all day in Monaco on a route offering 12 stops. Headphones are provided so you can learn more about the various landmarks.

Book your pass to visit Monaco and the French Riviera by clicking on the green button below:

Rocher Monaco
The Rock of Monaco

2. The Prince’s Palace Monaco

The Prince’s Palace is the main tourist attraction in Monaco. It is located on the Place du Palais, right at the top of the Rock.

Built in the 13th century, it is still the residence of the Grimaldi family, the Prince of Monaco, Albert II and his wife Charlène of Monaco.

Part of the Prince‘s Palace is open to visitors, but only from April to October. In particular, you can discover:

  • The main courtyard and its marble double rise staircase
  • The Hercules Gallery and its sumptuous frescoes representing mythological characters
  • The State Apartments: several rooms adorned with luxurious furniture, rich drapes and paintings. It is here that the Prince receives his prestigious guests during official ceremonies. You can also admire the Throne Room.

For details of opening times and prices for your visit to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, see the official website.

Voyage Tips - Advice

Every day, at 11.55 am on the dot, you can see the changing of the guard of the Company of Carabiniers on the Place du Palais.

Palais Princier de Monaco
The Prince’s palace of Monaco

3. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

I recommend that you continue this tour of Monaco with the Saint Nicholas cathedral, also in the old town district.

Built in 1875, it is dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Its façade, in the Romanesque-Byzantine style, was entirely made of white stones from La Turbie region.

It is in this cathedral that Prince Rainier married the very famous American actress Grace Kelly in 1956. The tomb of Princess Grace of Monaco, as well as that of the deceased Princes, can be seen inside.

You will also be able to admire the two great organs, the high altar, the episcopal throne and an altarpiece dating back to 1500.

Entry to Monaco’s Saint Nicholas Cathedral is free of charge.

cathédrale Saint Nicolas Monaco
Saint Nicolas Cathedral, in Monaco

4. Saint Martin Gardens

Continue your walk in Monaco through the Saint Martin Gardens, directly accessible from an entrance opposite the cathedral.

The first public garden in the Principality of Monaco, opened in 1816, offers several steep paths flanked by rocks where you can contemplate the panoramic sea views.

It’s the perfect place in Monaco if you want to enjoy the fresh air and discover many sculptures.

Voyage Tips - Advice

You’re going to Monaco?

You probably know it: the hardest part of planning your trip is to find an hotel offering a good value for money!

The closer you get to your travel dates, the harder it will be to get a good deal. Lots of people will be visiting Monaco on the same dates as you, so you can be sure that the best deals are booked extremely quickly!

Hopefully, there is a pretty simple solution to this problem: do like me and book your hotel as early as possible!

So, my best advice is to take 5 minutes (now) to have a look at the list of travelers’ favorite hotels in Monaco.

And if you see a good offer, book it!

Most hotels offer free cancellation, so it’s quick, easy, and you will avoid the the inconvenience of finding nothing but mediocre rooms at exorbitant prices.

To check the current best deals for your hotel in Monaco, simply click on the green button below 😎:

Once you’ve booked your hotel, it will be time to continue reading this guide and find out more about the best things to do in Monaco!

jardins Saint Martin Monaco
Saint Martin gardens, Monaco

5. The Oceanographic Museum Monaco

If there’s one activity I recommend you do in Monaco, it’s to visit the Oceanographic Museum.

It is not far from the cathedral, and is just a few minutes’ walk through the Saint Martin Gardens.

Located in a magnificent building built on the edge of the mythical rock, this oceanographic institute created in 1910 by Prince Albert I was for a long time managed by Commander Cousteau.

Today, the museum is divided into two parts:

  • An aquarium where you can watch sharks, turtles, piranhas and more Mediterranean species such as moray eels and jellyfish.
  • A museum with impressive whale and dolphin skeletons, models and fossils on display.

Several activities are also offered: sound and light, touch tank and feeding the animals.

The museum is really well done and very interesting. It’s an ideal outing for the family in Monaco! Plan on spending around two hours there.

 It is the most popular tourist attraction in Monaco, so it gets really busy! To save time and skip the line, I suggest you buy your tickets online by clicking here:

Entry is included with the Pass Côte d’Azur France.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you don’t feel like walking, it is possible to visit Monaco by small tourist train.

It leaves from in front of the Oceanographic Museum and offers a tour with commentary in 12 languages. The tour takes about thirty minutes and passes the old town, the Palace, the Casino, Monte-Carlo and the palaces.

More information is available on the official website.

Musée océanographique de Monaco
Monaco oceanographic museum

6. Monte Carlo Casino

During your trip to Monaco, be sure to visit the Monte Carlo Casino. Even if you are not a fan of slot machines or roulette, you should at least admire its exterior façade.

The casino was built in 1863 by Charles Garnier the same architect who was responsible for the Opéra Garnier in Paris. Inside, you will find the Opera Hall (a replica of the one in Paris) which hosts numerous concerts and games rooms, all of which are beautifully decorated.

You can visit the inside of the casino in the morning (there is a charge) but from 2.00 pm, entry is restricted to gamblers.

The casino is located on the Casino Square (Place du Casino) and is part of the most famous area of Monaco: Monte Carlo.

In Monte Carlo you will also find:

  • The iconic Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, a palace of world renown where the rates for one night start from €530. The luxury price for an exceptional stay in Monaco! You can book your night at the Hotel de Paris by clicking here.
  • The “Le Louis XV” restaurant run by chef Alain Ducasse has been awarded 3 Michelin stars
  • The Café de Paris is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail with a view of the Casino, or buy an ice cream created by the Ice Cream World Champion, no less.
  • Luxury boutiques and jewellery shops in the area known as the “Golden Square”. Let me give you more details about shopping in Monaco a little further away.
Voyage Tips - Advice

To discover the Monte Carlo neighbourhood and the Rock, you can also choose a guided tour. 

You can take the minivan service for up to 8 people from right in front of your Monaco hotel, and you will be accompanied by Renaud, your tour leader. He’s very nice and knows the city like the back of his hand!

On the agenda: the Prince’s Palace, the old town, the cathedral, the Casino and the Hôtel de Paris. These tours are organised at the end of the day so you can enjoy the night-time atmosphere and the illuminated buildings.

Book your guided tour of Monaco by clicking on the following button:

Casino de Monte-Carlo
Monte-Carlo Casino

7. Exotic Garden of Monaco

Another Monaco tourist attraction I recommend you visit: the Exotic Garden.

Located high up in the city, this garden extending over 15,000 m² is home to hundreds of cacti and other exotic plant species, especially from the American continent.

In addition to its extreme richness, the Exotic Garden of Monaco allows you to contemplate a beautiful panorama of the Principality and the Riviera.

Prices and times are available on the official website.

Voyage Tips - Advice

The Exotic Garden affords one of the most beautiful views of the Rock of Monaco.

Jardin exotique Monaco
Excotic garden of Monaco

8. The Observatory Cave

The admission ticket to the Exotic Garden also includes a visit to the Observatory Cave.

The entrance is at the base of the garden cliff.

Guided tours (mandatory) leave every hour from 10.00 am and enable you to discover the caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Remnants of animal bones, found nearby, bear witness to the existence of prehistoric men in the area.

Good to know: in addition to the cave and the garden, your ticket includes entrance to the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

9. Port Hercules

If you want to and admire the yachts while you’re in Monaco, head for Port Hercules!

Located below the Monte Carlo district, at the foot of the Rock, the city’s main harbour is where luxury cruise ships and pleasure boats dock.

Every year, the Port Hercules dock also hosts the Monaco funfair, which usually takes place between October and November. If you have decided to visit Monaco during the All Saints holidays, it is a great place to head with the family!

The funfair then gives way to the Christmas village of Monaco where you will find the traditional Christmas market as well as a large outdoor skating rink, merry-go-rounds, the Ferris wheel and shows.

Port Hercule Monaco
Port Hercule, in Monaco

10. The Japanese garden

I continue this guide of Monaco through the Japanese Garden.

Right in the heart of the buildings, this place is a little different, with its pools filled with Koi carp, its small pavilions and its zen atmosphere.

Designed by the landscape architect Yasuo Beppu at the request of Prince Rainier III, most of the wooden elements or tiles were imported directly from Japan.

This real haven of peace also includes a traditional tea house.

Entrance is free.

jardin japonais Monaco
Monaco Japanese garden

11. The Grimaldi Forum

As you exit the Japanese garden, you will come across the building of the Grimaldi Forum: Monaco’s Congress Centre and Cultural Centre.

With its futuristic design, constructed entirely in glass and steel, you won’t miss it.

This cultural centre organises several exhibitions throughout the year and hosts many events of international importance such as the Monte Carlo Television Festival, ballets and the Champions League group draw.

Check the Grimaldi Forum website if you want to see a concert or visit an exhibition during your stay in Monaco.

Grimaldi Forum
Grimaldi Forum

12. Fontvieille

After visiting the Rock and Monte Carlo areas, I suggest you continue your tour of Monaco with another iconic district: Fontvieille.

Considered as the “residential and working class” neighbourhood, Fontvieille was built right by the sea. You will find a marina, restaurants as well as many shops there.

During your visit to Fontvieille, you can walk the Sculpture Path, a route adorned with several contemporary works by internationally renowned artists.

Fontvieille Monaco
Fontvieille, a district of Monaco

13. Princess Grace Rose Garden

Also in the Fontvieille area, a stroll through the landscaped park is a must, especially to discover the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

Created by Prince Rainier III, in homage to his late wife, the rose garden presents more than 300 varieties of roses, organised in 7 different themes and spreading over more than 5000 m².

It would be a shame to miss it as entry is free of charge.

Roseraie Princesse Grace
Princess Grace rose garden

14. Louis II stadium

Fontvieille is also home to one of the largest sports complexes in Europe: the Louis II stadium.

Football fans will know that this is where AS Monaco trains and plays. But the stadium also includes an athletic track, a sports hall and an Olympic swimming pool.

Numerous international competitions are held here every year.

The stadium is open to visitors every day (except Saturday and Sunday) between April and September. Details can be found right here.

Stade Louis II Monaco
Louis II stadium, Monaco

15. Best museums to visit in Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum is definitely the must-see museum in Monaco, but if you want a little more culture, I recommend you visit other museums:

  • The collection of cars of HSH the Prince of Monaco, an exhibition of hundred of cars of all ages ranging from carriages to Lamborghinis and the racing cars used in the Monte Carlo Rally and the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Official website.
  • The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology on the evolution of humanity. Do not miss the mammoth skeleton found in Siberia and reconstructed in the museum. Entry is included with your ticket to the exotic garden and the cave.
  • The Museum of Stamps and Coins and its collection of rare philatelic pieces
  • The Old Monaco Museum with its furniture, objects and costumes representing life on the Rock at the time
  • The Monaco Naval Museum and its collection of model boats
  • The New National Museum of Monaco is located in two buildings: Villa Sauber and Villa Paloma. It hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.
musée automobile Monaco
Monaco automobile museum

16. The Condamine Market

Fancy doing some shopping and picking up lots of fruit and vegetables grown in the sun during your weekend in Monaco?

I advise you to go to the Condamine Market. You will find everything you need to prepare a great Mediterranean meal!

It is located on the Place d’Armes, and extends into the covered markets that include shops selling specialities from Monaco, Italy and even Asia.

The market is held every day from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Voyage Tips - Advice

After shopping at the market, you can take a short walk around the Condamine district, which is the heart of Monaco.

This is a shopping district par excellence, full of small shops, restaurants and cafés. I recommend the following streets:

  • Rue Millo
  • Rue Grimaldi
  • Rue Terrazzani
  • Rue Princesse Caroline, pedestrianised

marché de la Condamine Monaco
Condamine market

17. Larvotto beach

Since the Principality is located on the seafront, you can use your trip to Monaco to enjoy a dip or simply sunbathe.

The closest beach to the centre is the Larvotto beach, in the neighbourhood of the same name. It is located on Avenue Princesse Grace.

This beach, at over 400 metres, is well equipped and lined with restaurants. Guests can also enjoy water activities such as windsurfing or jet skiing.

There are also two other places to go swimming in Monaco:

  • The fishermen’s cove, a tiny creek located below the Rock. Access is prohibited in case of heavy swell.
  • The Solarium beach: located towards Fort Antoine, this is an artificial swimming area. Swimming is forbidden even in rough seas.
Voyage Tips - Advice

If you want to try some water activities, I recommend:

plage du Larvotto Monaco
Larvotto beach, in Monaco

18. The Zoological Garden of Monaco

If you’ve decided to go on holiday to Monaco with your children,

in addition to the Oceanographic Museum, I suggest you take them to the Zoological Garden.

It is located on the terraces of Fontvieille, on the south side of the Rock.

The garden is unique in collecting only animals that have been abandoned or given to it: no animals were purchased. Today, it has about 50 species including turtles, hippos, reptiles and birds.

jardin animalier de Monaco
Monaco zoological garden

19. Monaco Grand Prix

This is the highlight annual event in Monaco: the Formula 1 Grand Prix!

This legendary race is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. It was first held in 1929 and has seen a succession of distinguished drivers like Fangio, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

The circuit that takes place entirely in town, passes through the Port Hercules, Monte Carlo and the Condamine.

The Monaco Grand Prix is held at the end of May every year.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you dream of stepping into a racing driver’s shoes and driving beautiful high-powered cars, I advise you to book a ride in Ferrari or Lamborghini.

For 30 or 60 minutes, you can choose to drive these cars or be a passenger, always accompanied by a sprofesional instructor.

To book your Ferrari tour in Monaco, click here:

And for a day trip in a Lamborghini, it’s just here:

Grand Prix de Monaco
Monaco Grand Prix

20. Shopping in Monaco

If you’re short of things to do in Monaco after discovering all the tourist attractions, it’s time to go shopping.

Alongside Milan, Paris and London , Monaco is undeniably one of the top destinations for luxury shopping. Fashionistas will be spoilt for choice between the haute couture boutiques, perfumeries and jewellery shops.

You will find the main luxury boutiques within the famous “Golden Square” which includes the Boulevard des Moulins, Boulevard d’Italie and Avenue Princesse Grace.

Most of them are located in the Metropole Shopping Centre (opposite the Casino Gardens), at the One Monte Carlo (allée des Boulingrins) or at the YCM Gallery (on the Yacht Club quay).

For more affordable items, I recommend the Fontvieille shopping centre or the shops of La Condamine.

Metropole Shopping center Monaco
Metropole Shopping center Monaco

21. Helicopter flight over Monaco

There is nothing like a helicopter flight to see all Monaco’s landmarks from above.

On a ten-minute flight, you can discover incredible aerial views of the Prince’s Palace, the Oceanographic Museum and the Casino.

You can book this amazing experience by clicking on the button below:

Monacair Helicopter Monaco
Discovering Monaco from the sky!

What to do around Monaco?

Following these suggestions for your visit to the Principality of Monaco, it’s time to discover the things to do in the surroundings of Monaco.

Here is a list of my four favourite places that are easily accessible from the city.

22. Menton

Menton is the perfect place for a day trip around Monaco.

The two towns are only around km away, or about 30 minutes by car or 10 minutes by train (information and timetables are available here).

To visit Menton, known as the “Pearl of France”, nothing beats a stroll on foot to admire the colourful façades of the houses, the picturesque alleys and enjoy the views of the sea and the city.

I advise you not to miss:

  • The Basilica of Saint Michael and its impressive courtyard of 250,000 pebbles
  • The White Penance Chapel for its view
  • Rue du Longue, the main street in the old town
  • The Pian Park and its 500 olive trees
  • The Saint-Michel plateau and its panorama of the whole city
  • Jean Cocteau Museum
  • Les Halles market
Menton – Best things to do around Monaco

23. Nice

It is impossible for me not to mention Nice among the must-see cities around Monaco. And for good reason, since I lived there for nearly 20 years!

In addition to the famous Promenade des Anglais, I suggest you explore:

  • Old Nice with the Cours Saleya, the Place Rossetti and the Place du Palais de Justice
  • The castle hill and its views over the Baie des Anges and the city
  • The Cimiez neighbourhood
  • Mount Boron

To prepare for your stay in Nice, if you have planned a short weekend in PACA region, you should read my article dedicated to the city right here: The 17 best places to visit in Nice?

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you would like to plan a short stay to visit several towns on the French Riviera (Nice, Antibes, Cannes, etc.), I also recommend reading my article: One week itinerary on the French Riviera.

View on Nice harbor from the Mont Boron

24. Eze

Also close to Monaco, the small village of Eze is well worth a visit.

Eze is split into two: one part on the seafront and “Eze Village”, which is the most interesting to visit. Perched on top of the cliff, this small mediaeval village is very picturesque.

Full of charm with its cobbled alleys and stone houses with flower-bedecked façades, it offers splendid panoramas on the whole coast.

Not to be missed: a visit to the exotic botanical garden (a bit like Monaco) and its collection of cacti.

From Monaco, it is possible to get to Eze by train.


25. Cap Martin Tour

To enjoy the landscapes of the French Riviera and the seafront, nothing beats a short hike.

Heading towards Monaco, one of the most beautiful and easy is the one that goes around Cap Martin, between Menton and Monaco.

It offers beautiful views and you can even have a swim if the weather is favourable. Stairs in the rock allow you to reach the water in several places.

The walk starts at Carnolès beach, and the loop is about 5 km long.

Voyage Tips - Advice

For the more motivated among you, it is possible to go from Monaco to Menton (or from Menton to Monaco!) on foot, going around Cap Martin. This walk is just 10 km and should take around 3 hours.

Cap Martin

26. Bonus: Take a day trip from Monaco

Want a VIP experience from Monaco?

Let me help!

Here are two options that allow you to discover the surroundings of Monaco by boat away from other tourists.

1) Book a private boat trip from Monaco

I think this is the best way to make the most of your day at sea in Monaco!

You rent a boat with a skipper, and he will take you to the most beautiful corners of the French Riviera.

Motor boat, sailing boat, catamaran or even yacht: just choose the right boat for your dream day!

I always recommend that you rent a boat with skipper as early as possible, as this type of VIP day trip is very much in demand, and it would be a shame to miss out!

You will find all boats with skipper in Monaco by clicking on the button below:

2) Rent a boat to discover the areas around Monaco

If you have the boat licence, the other option for a great day at sea is simply to rent a boat!

It’s very simple to do: click on the button below and book your boat immediately:

louer un bateau

How many days to visit Monaco?

A quick tour of Monaco is possible in just 1 day, but if you want to visit the museums, it is best to plan for 2 days.

In 3 days, you will have time to discover the surrounding areas.

I explain how to visit Monaco in 1, 2 or 3 days below:

Visit Monaco in 1 day

If you have opted to spend 1 day in Monaco, I suggest this itinerary:

  • Explore the Rock: passing via the Prince‘s Palace, a walk through the alleys, and a visit to the cathedral
  • Take in the Saint Martin gardens
  • Visit the Oceanographic Museum
  • Lunch at the Condamine market or in a nearby restaurant
  • Visit the Fontvieille district
  • Opt to visit one of the museums, the rose garden or the exotic garden
  • End the day at the Casino: for a shopping session/the slot machines/dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant – the choice is yours!

Another good way to see as much as possible in a day is to opt for a hop-on hop-off bus tour. In Monaco, the bus stops at the Rock, Monte Carlo, Fontvieille and Larvotto.

Tickets can be booked here:

 Travel on the bus for one day is included in the Pass Côte d’Azur France.

Visit Monaco in 2 days

For a 2-day stay in Monaco, I recommend the following programme:

Day 1

  • Explore the Rock district
  • Visit the Prince’s Palace (in season)
  • Stroll through the old town, passing by the cathedral
  • Admire the view from the Saint Martin Gardens
  • Visit the Oceanographic Museum
  • Stroll around Fontvieille
  • Visit the Princess Grace Rose Garden
  • Choose a local museum to visit: Naval Museum, the car collection of Prince Rainier, Stamp Museum / or the Zoological Garden if you have children
  • Why not treat yourself to a helicopter flight?

Day 2

  • Start with the exotic garden of Monaco
  • Guided tour of the Observatory Cave and the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology (included in the ticket for the garden)
  • Lunch at the Condamine market or one of the local restaurants
  • A walk along Port Hercules to admire the yachts
  • You can continue to the Japanese Garden
  • Then make your way back to the Monte Carlo district
  • (Window) shopping in the Golden Square
  • Explore the Casino Square 
  • If you have the budget, dine in one of the restaurants at the Hotel de Paris and end the evening at the Casino.

Visit Monaco in 3 days

If you are spending 3 days in Monaco, start with the programme above.

On the third day, explore the surrounding are: Menton, Eze, Nice or a trip around Cap Saint-Martin are all options.

If you want to spend longer in Monaco, you can relax on the Larvotto beach or visit the museums that you didn’t have time see.

Where to stay in Monaco

Here is the list of the best hotels to stay at in Monaco, depending on your budget. A little further down, I will also give you the best hotels in Nice, as many of you will probably want to sleep there!

  • Hotels de France: located 200 metres from the Prince’s Palace. Double room from €135. Strong points: the price for Monaco, cleanliness, the friendly staff.
  • Novotel Monte Carlo: located 600 metres from the Casino. Modern and bright double rooms from €170, breakfast included. Strong points: the swimming pool, the setting, the great breakfast. It is our favourite for its price/services in Monaco.
  • Fairmont Monte Carlo: located 500 metres from Larvotto beach. Comfortable and warm double rooms from €231, breakfast from €39. Strong points: the large swimming pool, the excellent bedding, the waterfront location.
  • Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort: located 300 metres from Larvotto beach. Modern and spacious double room with balcony from €290, breakfast €38. Strong points: the swimming pool area, the spa, the casino, the view.

And I end this selection of the best hotels in Monaco with the 5* category:

  • Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo: located in the Golden Square. Classic room with wooden furniture and marble bathroom from €370, breakfast €43. Strong points: the spa, gourmet cuisine, private parking. The hotel was named the Best Hotel in France/Monaco by the Readers Choice Award. 
  • Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo: located 200 metres from the Casino. This palace, listed as a historical monument, offers elegant rooms with sophisticated décor from €390, breakfast €43. Strong points: the winter garden, the spa, the terrace, the Michelin-starred restaurant. One of the best luxury hotels in Monaco!
  • Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo: located on the Casino Square. You can enjoy sumptuous rooms decorated with great taste from €59, breakfast €46. Strong points: the swimming pool, the luxury, the highly attentive staff. This is the iconic hotel to stay at in Monaco!

Where to stay in Nice

  • Hôtel Ozz by Happyculture: Located about 15 minutes from the beach on foot. Nice place, very friendly staff, great location and comfortable beds. Only 20€ per night in dormitory. Double room at 55€. This is the best hostel for a budget stay in Nice!
  • Hôtel Brice Garden: Located in the hear of Nice, 5 minutes walk from the beach and Promenade des Anglais. Very well furnished and clean room from 80€ per night. Excellent value for money. Friendly and welcoming staff. The best value hotel if you want to stay in the city center! Needs to be booked as soon as possible, lots of demand.
  • Hôtel le Saint Paul: Located 50 meters from the Nice harbor, in a quiet area, with an amazing sea view. Large bright room from 95€ per night, buffet breakfast for 12€. Plus: free private parking. My favorite in Nice!
  • Hôtel Le Royal Promenade des Anglais: Located right on the Promenade des Anglais in a historic building. Prestigious room decorated in a classic style, very bright, from 135€ per night, breakfast at 15€.
  • Hôtel Negresco: Located on the Promenade des Anglais, this exceptional hotel is simply the best in Nice. The rooms are magnificent, the view is stunning, the staff is amazing and the restaurant is one of the best in town. It’s the best choice for a luxury stay in Nice!

Where to eat in Monaco

  • The Café de Paris: As I mentioned, the terrace at the Café de Paris is the perfect place to eat in Monaco. Guests can enjoy the view of the Casino and watch the luxury cars. The Café’s brasserie serves good traditional dishes, but you should expect to pay a little more for being in this trendy spot!
  • The Perles de Monte-Carlo: located at the harbour of Fontvieille. Seafood and fish restaurant with guaranteed freshness! A very welcoming and pleasant for a restaurant.
  • Valentine: located in the Park Palace shopping centre. This small Italian restaurant serves high quality, delicious pasta and excellent wines for a very good price.

There are also several Michelin-starred restaurants in Monaco.

For a stylish evening in a Michelin-starred restaurant, I recommend:

How to get to Monaco?

Is it possible to fly to Monaco?

Monaco does not have an airport. You will therefore have to land in Nice before continuing to Monaco.

The prices of flights to Nice vary greatly, so it is a good idea to compare them as soon as possible. To do this, you can use our flight comparison tools in partnership with Skyscanner. This will guarantee you the best price.

How to get to Monaco from Nice?

To get to Monaco from Nice, you have several options:

1) A private transfer from Nice airport. Book in advance by clicking here!

2) By boat: in summer (from June to the end of September), a ferry runs between Nice and Monaco. The circuit takes only one hour with a departure from Nice at 9.30 am and drop-off at 6.00 pm.

This allows you to spend a full day in Monaco, and is the best way to admire the beautiful landscapes of the French Riviera from the sea.

Remember to book in advance by clicking on the button below:

3) By bus: it is the cheapest solution (€1.50 per ticket) but much slower than the train.

In summer, the buses also get very full, so you could spend the whole journey standing up.

To get from Nice to Monaco by bus, you will need to take line 100 from the harbour.

4) Take the train. 

You can catch the bus from the airport to the train station. A train journey between Nice and Monaco takes only 20 minutes and costs less than €5.

I advise you to check the train schedules and rates and book your tickets directly here:

5) Rent a car which may be useful if you have planned a route to visit the French Riviera.

I recommend that you use the site, which is the fastest and most reliable way to compare prices.

Compare car rental prices in Nice and Monaco now:

6) The latest trendy means of transport to reach Monaco from Nice: a convertible mini car. 

A GPS and an itinerary to follow will be provided so as not to miss out on the most beautiful places on the way, and visit Monaco.

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Organised one-day trip to Monaco with transport

You can also opt to stay in Nice and make a day trip to Monaco.

In this case, you can get there by bus, train or car, although there are also organised day trips.

This type of outing is very practical as you are picked up directly from your hotel and you can benefit from the services of a driver and a tour leader throughout the day. You are sure to miss nothing, and you don’t have to bother with public transport.

There are two types of excursions from Nice:

  • Half-day tour with a visit to the village of Eze and of course Monaco:

  • A full day where you can not only visit Monaco but also discover the other most beautiful cities of the French Riviera like Eze, Antibes and Cannes. A stop in the beautiful village of Saint-Paul de Vence is also included.

Rent a boat in Monaco

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your stay in Monaco, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental!

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Monaco? 😊

Tourist map of Monaco

To help you visualise the city a bit better, I have created this tourist map of Monaco, with all the best places to visit and things to do in Monaco and its surroundings.

You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button, the one with a small arrow on it.

If you need help planning your stay in Monaco, don’t hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments section below.

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Best places to visit in Monaco
Best places to visit in Monaco

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