Where to stay in Corsica? The best cities and hotels


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And for an extensive guide on where to stay in Corsica, including my selection of the best hotels, read this detailed article.

Where to Stay in Corsica: My Selection of the Best Accommodations

You’re planning to visit Corsica and you’re looking for the best places to stay during your trip?

You’re at the right place!

Corsica is quite large, and it’s really important to choose your accommodations carefully, in order to avoid spending too much time on the road each day.

To assist you, I’ve prepared this guide to the best hotels in Corsica, tailored to your budget and the places/beaches/hikes you wish to visit.

I’ve sorted the accommodations into 2 sections: Northern Corsica and Southern Corsica, and then by city.

And to make it even easier for you, for each place I will talk about, I will also give you all the nearby attractions!

Whether you’re looking for a hotel in the North of the island (Bastia, Calvi, Corte) or the South, near Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio, you’ll find the perfect accomodation for your stay here.

So, where should you stay to visit Corsica?

Let’s find out!

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If you’re planning to do a road trip in Corsica and change accommodations several times, you should read my detailed itineraries.

Ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks, they will help you plan an amazing journey in Corsica so you won’t miss a thing!

You can read them by clicking the links below:

And if you have any questions about planning your itinerary in Corsica, feel free to ask them in the comments at the end of this article.

Where to Stay in Upper Corsica

Let’s start with my selection of the best hotels to stay in the North of Corsica.

In this section, you will find lodging suggestions in:

If you’re rather looking for accommodation to stay in Southern Corsica, feel free to jump directly to the second part of this article by clicking here!

Where to Stay in Bastia, North Corsica

If you wish to visit the North of Corsica, chances are you’ll arrive in Bastia. It’s the city best served in terms of flights and ferries.

So you’ll likely spend at least one night there on your arrival or departure.

During a nice walk around Bastia, you can discover:

  • Place Saint-Nicolas where the tourist office is located along with many bars/restaurants with terraces
  • Napoléon Street, a pedestrian street lined with shops and home to 2 oratories
  • Saint Jean-Baptiste Church, built in the 17th century, it’s the largest church in Corsica
  • The Citadel of Bastia which houses the history museum.

I give you all the details to visit Bastia in my article: What to do and see in Bastia?

Here is my selection of the best hotels to stay in Bastia, Upper Corsica

  • Best Western Bastia Centre: Located 1 km from the Old Port and the city center. Spacious and very clean double room starting at 75€ per night, breakfast at 11.50€. Strong points: the comfort of the rooms, the private parking, the very pleasant staff. This is my favorite for its value for money to stay in Bastia!
  • Hotel Port Toga: Situated right in front of the ferry arrival and departure port. Modern double room with comfortable bedding from 85€ per night. Strong points: the rooftop terrace, the sea view, the good breakfast. This is the ideal hotel for a ferry arrival or departure in Bastia!
  • Hotel Restaurant & Spa L’Ostella: Located 4 km from the center and 500 meters from the beach. Warm and comfortable double room, some with a balcony with sea view, from 90€ per night, breakfast at 12.50€. Strong points: the attentive staff, the excellent restaurant, the wellness center with an indoor pool and jacuzzi.
  • Alivi: Situated 350 meters from the beach and 2 km from Bastia city center. Double room with terrace overlooking the sea from 135€, breakfast at 16€. Strong points: the pool, the setting, the view, the restaurant. Our recommendation for a luxury stay in Bastia!
  • Hôtel Des Gouverneurs: located in the citadel, a 2-minute walk from the Old Port. Elegant and cozy double room from 180€, breakfast at 19€. Strong points: the views of Bastia and the sea, the location, the staff availability, the indoor pool. Our suggestion for a luxurious accommodation to stay in Bastia!
Sleeping in Bastia Hotel des Gouverneurs
Sleeping in Bastia Hôtel des Gouverneurs – An excellent choice to stay in North Corsica

Where to Stay in Cap Corse

It’s to the North of Bastia that you’ll find Cap Corse.

This is an excellent choice of place to stay in Corsica if you wish to discover the wilder side of the island and its less touristy aspects.

What makes it special are its quaint and picturesque little villages like Erbalunga, Centuri, Nonza with its black pebble beach, or Patrimonio, famous for its many vineyards.

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the customs officers’ trail which runs along a good portion of Cap Corse (19 km in total) from Macinaggio to Centuri.

If you don’t feel like walking that much, I recommend doing just the most famous part: Macinaggio to Barcaggio in 3.5 hours, stopping for a swim break on one of the beaches.

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To plan your visit to Cap Corse, you have everything you need here: What to do in Cap Corse?

I also include a visit to Cap Corse in my itineraries:

Where to Stay in Cap Corse

When visiting Cap Corse, you should consider staying near Macinaggio, which is a great location for hiking the Sentier des Douaniers trail.

Here is my selection of hotels to stay at in Macinaggio:

  • Marina D’oro: Located on the port of Macinaggio, only 100 meters from the beach. You can have a simple double room starting from 70€, with breakfast at 7.50€. Strong points: terrace with a jacuzzi, close to restaurants and shops. Perfect for an affordable stay in Corsica!
  • Adonis Macinaggio: Located opposite the port. Studio and apartment with kitchenette and balcony with garden or sea views starting from 75€. Strong points: newly renovated accommodations, cleanliness, free private parking.
  • Stella Marina: Just 100 meters from the port. Newly refurbished double rooms that are modern and bright with large terrace, starting from 78€, breakfast at 9.50€. Strong points: swimming pool, quietness, private parking, warm welcome. This is my favorite for its value for money in Macinaggio!
  • Hotel U Ricordu: Located 150 meters from the port. Modern and cozy double room starting at 80€, breakfast at 14€. Strong points: the two heated outdoor pools, the jacuzzi, bed comfort, calm setting.
  • Le Tomino: Located on the heights of Macinaggio. Very comfortable and spacious suites with private terrace and sea view starting from 345€, breakfast at 19€. Strong points: infinity pool, stunning views over the bay, restaurant, peaceful and relaxing surroundings. This is my top pick for a luxurious stay in Cap Corse!
Cap Corse

Stay in Cap Corse to hike the Sentier des Douaniers

Where to Stay in Saint-Florent (North Corsica)

Planning to stay a night in Saint-Florent during your trip to Corsica is super convenient to explore the Agriates Desert.

Famous for hosting two of the most beautiful beaches in Upper Corsica: Saleccia Beach and Lotu Beach, they are the perfect spots for a day of relaxation and sunbathing on pristine white sandy beaches with turquoise waters.

For all practical information about Agriates and how to get there, you should read my article: The complete guide to visiting the Agriates Desert.

And for more details on Saint-Florent, you can check this out: What to do in Saint-Florent?

Here’s my selection of the best accommodations in Saint-Florent

  • Adonis Saint-Florent: Located 600 meters from the center of Saint-Florent. Air-conditioned studios and apartments with kitchenette and balcony starting from 70€, breakfast at 9.50€. Strong points: swimming pool, cleanliness, value for money. This is the best choice for an economical stay in Saint-Florent!
  • Hôtel Tettola: Located 1.5 km from the port of Saint-Florent. Double rooms starting from 90€. Strong points: swimming pool, seafront location with beach access, friendly staff.
  • U Palazzu Serenu: A gorgeous boutique hotel located in Oletta, only a 10-minute drive from Saint-Florent, overlooking the Gulf and Agriates Desert. Set in a former 17th-century palace, it offers stunning and elegantly decorated rooms embellished with original artworks. An intimate setting is ensured with only 6 rooms and 2 suites, so you should book as early as possible to ensure a stay! Prices start from 180€ in low season and 340€ in summer, breakfast included. Strong points: large outdoor pool, breathtaking views (especially at sunset), friendly welcome, tranquility. This is one of the most romantic hotels to stay in Corsica!
U Palazzu Serenu - Oletta

Saint-Florent – U Palazzu Serenu – Luxury hotel to stay in North Corsica

Where to Stay in Calvi, North-West Corsica

For me, Calvi is one of the best choices for accommodation in Corsica if you’re looking to stay in one place for several days.

There are so many things to do and see in the area that you can easily spend 5 or 6 days in this part of Upper Corsica without getting bored.

For a stay in Calvi, you should consider:

  • A walk through the citadel, the old town and along the port
  • A break on Calvi’s vast sandy beach, bordered by a pine forest
  • A boat excursion among the various sea tours offered: Scandola Nature Reserve, Revellata, or a fishing trip.
  • An canyoning or rafting adventure
  • Taking the little train (le trinichellu) that passes by all the beaches and goes as far as Ile Rousse
  • Exploring the Balagne villages: Calenzana, Montemaggiore, Speloncato, Pigna, Lumio
  • A hike in the Bonifatu forest or to the Revellata headland
  • Swimming in the natural pools of the Fango Valley.
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Here’s my selection of the best hotels in Calvi

  • Le Saint Erasme: Situated 850 meters from the port on the waterfront. Well-appointed double room with good bedding starting at 70€ per night, breakfast at 10€. Strong points: swimming pool, free private parking, welcoming staff.
  • Camping La Pinède: Only 200 meters from Calvi’s beach. Fully equipped, functional and air-conditioned chalet and bungalow with private terrace starting from 70€ per night. Strong points: swimming pool, tennis courts, play area, free parking. This is the ideal place to stay for families in North Corsica!
  • Hotel Revellata: Located 450 meters from the port. Stylish and comfortable double room starting from 85€ per night, breakfast at 12€. Strong points: both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spa, gym, the view, the excellent breakfast. This is my favorite for its value for money in Calvi!
  • Hôtel Casa Bianca: Situated 250 meters from the beach. Spacious and modern double room starting at 100€, breakfast at 12€. Strong points: location, welcoming staff, room comfort.
  • La Signoria: 5-star hotel situated 3 km from Calvi’s beach. Warm and spacious suites with dressing rooms, marble bathrooms, and terraces from 320€ per night including breakfast. Strong points: gourmet restaurant, spa, swimming pool, peaceful setting, exceptional breakfast. This is my top recommendation for a luxurious stay in Calvi!
Calvi Hotel La Signoria Luxury hotel in Corsica

Calvi Hotel La Signoria – Luxury hotel in Corsica

Where to Stay in Corte

If you’re planning a trip through North Corsica, you’ll likely pass through Corte. The town is centrally located in Upper Corsica, around 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Bastia or 1 hour and 30 minutes from Calvi.

Corte is the ideal place to stay in Corsica if you love hiking. There are many stunning hikes around the area, including some of the most famous on the island:

  • The Restonica Gorge leading to Lake Melo and Lake Capitello.
  • The Tavignano Valley where you can combine hiking and swimming in the river.
  • The ascent of Monte Cinto, the highest peak in Corsica at 2,706 meters.
  • The forest of Vizzavona and the trail to the English Cascade, dotted with several natural pools for swimming.
  • Lake Nino, the second-largest lake in Corsica at 1,743 meters.

All the details and practical information about Corte and its surroundings can be found in my article: Things to Do in Corte?

The Best Accommodations in Corte, Northern Corsica

  • Maison San Giovanni: Located 3 km from the center of Corte. Nice and clean double room from €60 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the warm welcome, the good breakfast with fresh products, and the quiet location. A great option for budget-friendly accommodation in Corsica!
  • U Passa Tempu: Located in the heart of Corte, right next to Sainte-Croix chapel. Quiet, well-equipped studios and apartments with a kitchenette, starting at €90 per night. Strong points: the location, the quietness, private parking, and warm welcome.
  • Hôtel Si Mea: A 15-minute walk from the center. Spacious and cosy double room starting at €120 per night. Strong points: the swimming pool, the hearty breakfast with local products, the pleasant surroundings.
  • Casa di a Restonica: Located 1 km from the center. Comfortable and modern double room from €140, breakfast at €14. Strong points: the swimming pool, the comfort, the tranquility of the place.
  • Hôtel Dominique Colonna: This 4-star hotel is situated 1 km from Corte, by the river. Very stylish double rooms with refined decoration from €400, breakfast included. Strong points: the beautiful swimming pool, the terrace by the water, the idyllic setting, the lovely staff. This is my top pick for a luxury stay in Corte!
Hotel Dominique Colonna
Corte – Hôtel Dominique Colonna – Where to Stay in Northern Corsica

Where to Stay in South Corsica

Wondering where to stay when visiting South Corsica?

Here is my selection of the best hotels for staying in South Corsica with accommodation suggestions in:

  • Ajaccio
  • Porto-Ota
  • Bonifacio
  • Porto-Vecchio
  • Zonza/Bavella
  • Solenzara

Where to Stay in Ajaccio (Southwest Corsica)

The best option to start a trip in South Corsica is to arrive in Ajaccio. It’s the best-connected city in terms of flights and ferries.

Here’s what to do in Ajaccio:

  • Visit the city center: the Bonaparte House, the Fesch Palace, the cathedral, the market
  • Spend time at the beach: I particularly like Terre Sacrée beach with its small coves and large rocks
  • Head to the Parata point to take in the view of the Sanguinaires Islands
  • A boat trip to the Sanguinaires Islands
  • Explore Capo di Feno and its two beautiful wild beaches.

Don’t hesitate to read my dedicated articles about Ajaccio to get all the details:

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To plan your itinerary in Corsica starting from Ajaccio, all the information you need can be found here:

If you arrive in Bastia, of course, you can also visit South Corsica and Ajaccio with my itineraries below:

The Best Hotels in South Corsica, Near Ajaccio

  • Spunta Di Mare Hotel: Located 150 meters from the beach and 2 km from Foch Square. Colorful double rooms, some with a sea-view balcony, from €99 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the indoor pool, the view of Ajaccio from the terrace, and proximity to the airport.
  • Best Western Plus Ajaccio Amirauté: Located 350 meters from the beach and 1 km from the port. Modern and comfortable double room from €140, breakfast at €12. Strong points: the swimming pool, the warm welcome, the full and varied breakfast.
  • Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio Thalassa Sea & Spa: 5-star hotel facing the bay of Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires Islands. Design, cozy and comfortable double room with sea view from €170 per night, breakfast at €29. Strong points: the heated outdoor pool, the breathtaking sea view, the Spa. This is my favorite for its exceptional location and setting in Ajaccio!
  • Cala di Sole: Located on the seafront, between Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires Islands. Spacious and very well-equipped double room with sea view from €200, breakfast at €17. Strong points: the private beach, the swimming pool, free parking, the splendid view of the Sanguinaires Islands. This is my top pick for an upscale stay in Ajaccio!
  • Hôtel Le Week end: Also located between Ajaccio and Parata, only 50 meters from Terre Sacrée beach. Spacious suite with a private terrace and sea view from €390, breakfast at €22. Strong points: the magnificent location, the excellent breakfast, the setting, the tranquility. This is my recommendation for a luxurious stay in Ajaccio!
Hotel Le Week End - Luxury Hotel in Ajaccio
Ajaccio – Hôtel Le Week End – Prestigious Hotel for Staying in South Corsica

Where to Stay in Corsica – Porto-Ota

You absolutely have to plan to spend a night near Porto-Ota during your trip in Corsica.

It’s from the harbor of this small town, situated between Ajaccio and Calvi, that boat excursions to the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Piana Calanques are organized. These two magnificent natural sites are also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If there’s just one boat trip to do in Corsica, it’s definitely this one!

I’ll give you more information about Porto, the calanques, and Scandola in my dedicated articles. Read here:

Voyage Tips - Advice

To make sure you have a spot on the day of your visit, don’t forget to book your boat trip by clicking on the following green buttons:

  • To book a combined excursion on a hybrid ship, click on the button below:

After selecting the number of participants and the date, choose the second option: Scandola, Girolata, and Piana Calanques by boat.

  • For the same cruise, but on a rubber boat, click here:

Accommodations in Porto-Ota

  • Hotel et Résidence Cala di Sole: Located 1.2 km from Porto’s harbor. Double room with balcony starting from 80€. Strong points: the pool, the sea and mountain view, and the friendly welcome. The perfect choice for an affordable night in Corsica!
  • Hôtel Le Romantique: Just 100 meters from the beach of Porto. Spacious double room with a small balcony and harbor view starting from 90€, breakfast at 9.50€. Strong points: the pleasant staff, the location for boat tours to the calanques, and the hearty breakfast.
  • Logis Hotel Le Lonca: Situated 2 km from the harbor and 1 km from the beach. Clean and spacious double room starting from 100€, breakfast at 11€. Strong points: the pool, private parking, breakfast on the terrace, and knowledgeable staff.
  • Les Flots Bleus: Located on the seafront. Recently renovated double room with a balcony and sea view starting at 105€ a night, breakfast at 10€. Strong points: the stunning view, the setting, and the very friendly welcome. This is my top pick for its value for money!
  • Résidence Hotelière Capu Seninu: Located by the river near the port. Modern and very well-equipped studio and apartment with dishwasher, washing machine, and balcony starting from 160€. Strong points: spacious and well-decorated accommodation, private parking. It’s the ideal hotel for families in Corsica, accommodating up to 6 people!
Scandola Nature Reserve Corsica
Staying in Southern Corsica – Boat tour in Scandola Reserve

Where to Stay in Corsica – Bonifacio

It’s certainly the must-visit place to stay when visiting South Corsica: Bonifacio.

With its houses built on the seafront cliffs, Bonifacio is the iconic image of the Isle of Beauty.

Things to see and do in Bonifacio:

  • Take a stroll in the citadel, the historical center of the city
  • Visit the Bastion de l’Etendard to learn about Bonifacio’s history and enjoy beautiful views from the ramparts
  • Climb (and especially descend!) the King of Aragon’s Staircase
  • A boat trip to discover the cliffs and sea caves
  • The Campu Rumanilu trail walk where all the most beautiful photos of Bonifacio are taken
  • A day trip to the Lavezzi islands to enjoy splendid little sandy coves and swimming spots
  • Relax on the gorgeous nearby beaches: Petit Sperone Beach, Paragan Beach, Fazzio Beach…

All the best things to do in Bonifacio are listed in my other article: The guide to visiting Bonifacio.

Other articles might also be helpful for planning your stay:

Where to stay in Bonifacio, South of Corsica

When looking for accommodations in Bonifacio, you can either choose a place to stay in the heart of the city (citadel/port) to be close to everything, or stay a little further out if you prefer more tranquility.

I’ve prepared a selection of accommodations based on these two categories.

Staying in the center of Bonifacio

  • Best Western Hotel du Roy d’Aragon: Located at the old port of Bonifacio. Modern and cozy double room starting from 80€, breakfast at 14.50€. Strong points: the location at the foot of the citadel, the great breakfast, free parking. It’s my top pick for its value for money in Bonifacio!
  • Solemare: Situated 100 meters from the harbor and 800 meters from the King of Aragon’s Staircase. Modern double room with unique decor and harbor view starting from 110€, breakfast at 15€. Strong points: the heated outdoor pool, the view, location, private parking. One of the rare hotels in the center with a pool in Bonifacio!
  • Santateresa: Located in the upper town of Bonifacio. Design and comfortable double room with sea view starting from 180€ a night, breakfast at 17€. Strong points: the excellent location for visiting Bonifacio, the breathtaking view, the careful decoration, private parking. Our recommendation for a luxury stay in Bonifacio!

Where to stay near Bonifacio

  • Hôtel Maora Village: Located 300 meters from Maora Beach and 6 km from Bonifacio. Double room with private terrace starting from 75€, breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, the jacuzzi, the quiet, the excellent breakfast. The best choice for an economical stay in Bonifacio!
  • Les Chambres De Casarina: Situated 400 meters from Maora Beach and 6 km from the center of Bonifacio. Comfortable and tastefully decorated double room with balcony starting from 150€, breakfast included and served in the room. Strong points: the heated pool, the beautiful garden, the setting, the tranquility.
  • Hôtel Cala di Greco: Located 2 km from the upper town of Bonifacio. Bright suites decorated with great care, some with private pools, starting from 200€, breakfast at 16€. Strong points: the two large heated outdoor pools, the exceptional view of Bonifacio, the magnificent setting. Our recommendation for a romantic weekend in Bonifacio!
  • Hotel Version Maquis Citadelle: This 5-star hotel is located 1.5 km from the citadel. Sublime spacious suites with private terraces starting from 450€ a night, breakfast included. Strong points: the infinity pool, the calm, attentive staff, the restaurant. It’s one of the most beautiful hotels for a stay in South Corsica!
Staying in South Corsica at Bonifacio

Where to Stay in Porto-Vecchio, South of Corsica

If you’re looking to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, staying in Porto-Vecchio is an excellent choice!

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect spot to lay your towel:

  • Rondinara Beach, named for its circular arc shape
  • Palombaggia Beach, which needs no introduction! With pine trees, calm and clear waters, and fine sand, the setting is truly paradise!
  • Tamaricciu Beach, right next to Palombaggia, has a more family-friendly atmosphere
  • Santa Giulia Beach, another highly renowned beach near Porto-Vecchio
  • San Ciprianu Beach, perfect for children as it’s located in a wind-sheltered bay and is shallow
  • Pinarellu Beach, a long beach lined with pine trees and shallow waters
  • Carataggio Beach, much more wild than the others.

I provide all the details about these beaches and other things to do in Porto-Vecchio in this article: Best Things to Do in Porto-Vecchio?

Palombaggia beach Corsica
Palombaggia beach, a must-visit during your one-week road trip in Corsica!

The Best Hotels to Stay in Porto-Vecchio – South Corsica

  • Résidence Marina Di Santa Giulia: Located 800 meters from Santa Giulia Beach. Modern and bright apartments and villas, fully equipped with dishwasher, barbecue, private terrace starting at 70€. Strong points: the pool, the location, sea views, and the comfort of the apartments. This is my top pick for best value accommodation in Porto-Vecchio!
  • Hotel Costa Salina: Located at the end of Porto-Vecchio’s marina. Modern and spacious double room with balcony, some with sea views, starting at 115€, breakfast for 16€. Strong points: the pool, free private parking, quality bedding, and very friendly staff.
  • Le Balamina: Located 2 km from the port. Very spacious and luminous double room with minimalist decor starting at 140€, breakfast for 17€. Strong points: indoor pool, rooftop terrace, welcoming staff.
  • Résidence Santa Giulia Palace: Located 800 meters from Santa Giulia Beach. Modern and comfortable apartments, very well equipped for cooking and small appliances, accommodating up to 6 people, starting at 160€. Strong points: the pool, the geographical location, bay views, tranquil setting. This is my hotel recommendation for families or groups visiting South Corsica!
  • Hôtel Le Roi Théodore & Spa: Located 5 minutes by car from Porto-Vecchio city center. The hotel offers spacious double rooms with a sitting area and a beautiful stone bathroom starting at 200€ per night, breakfast for 12€. Strong points: the outdoor setting with a beautiful pool, Spa, heated indoor pool, excellent breakfast, and restaurant. It’s a luxurious hotel option in Porto-Vecchio!
Hôtel Le Roi Théodore & Spa - Porto-Vecchio
Hôtel Le Roi Théodore & Spa – Porto-Vecchio – 5-star hotel for your stay in South Corsica

Where to Stay in Zonza / Col de Bavella

Zonza is a quaint mountain village located to the north of Porto-Vecchio, at the base of the Bavella Peaks.

It’s very convenient to stay here for a night or two if you want to enjoy the great hiking trails nearby.

I highly recommend the Piscia di Gallu trail (the largest waterfall in Corsica) and the Trou de la Bombe at Col de Bavella.

Bavella is also the perfect place if you want to try canyoning. There are routes for all levels (click on the orange links to reserve):

Accommodations near Bavella

There aren’t many hotels in this area, so try to make your reservation as early as possible.

  • Hotel Restaurant L’Aiglon: located in the village. Typical mountain hotel with somewhat outdated but very clean double rooms starting at 70€ per night, breakfast for 8€. Strong points: the very friendly hosts, excellent restaurant serving local products.
  • Hotel Clair de Lune: located 6 km from Bavella Peaks. Bright double rooms from 80€ per night, breakfast for 10€. Strong points: the pool, welcoming staff.
  • Hotel La Terrasse: also located in the village. Warm and very clean double rooms from 86€ per night, breakfast for 9€. Strong points: the quietness, the beautiful view, quality meals.
  • Hotel Le Tourisme: situated in Zonza. Modern and comfortable double rooms from 100€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, jacuzzi, exceptional location, and views, excellent breakfast. Definitely one of the best hotels to stay in Zonza!
aiguilles de Bavella
The Aiguilles de Bavella

Where to Stay Near Solenzara, Southeast of Corsica

Sari-Solenzara is a small seaside town located in the Southeast of Corsica.

Its geographical position is perfect as a stopover town for one night to break up the journey if you’re planning on driving from the South of Corsica to Corte, for example.

That’s what I recommend doing in my itineraries, which you can check out here:

Staying near Solenzara

There aren’t many accommodation options in this part of the island, so make sure to book in advance to secure a spot.

  • Hôtel Restaurant La Caravelle: Located just 350 meters from the beach. Modern and cozy double rooms starting from 70€ per night, with breakfast at 8€. Strong points: the terrace with a view of the sea and the recently renovated room décor.
  • Le Thyreneen: Situated on the seafront of Solenzara. Villas with a lounge area and equipped kitchen that can accommodate up to 4 people from 75€, breakfast at 8€. Strong points: the swimming pool, sea view, hospitality, and tranquility. This is definitely my favorite for its value for money in Solenzara.
  • Hôtel Des Nacres: Located in the hamlet of Travi, north of Solenzara. Spacious and bright double rooms starting from 80€ per night, breakfast at 8€. Strong points: the swimming pool, comfortable beds, very friendly staff.
  • Hotel Maquis et Mer: Located 400 meters from the beach of Solenzara. Pleasant double rooms with some offering a sea view, starting from 115€, breakfast at 12€. Strong points: the warm welcome, parking, and the view.

Staying at a Campsite in Corsica

If you prefer the camping option for your holidays, you can also find a list of all the campsites in Corsica and easily book online by clicking the button below.

A piece of advice: book quickly while there’s still space 😄

Where to Stay in Corsica: The Summary Table of the Best Hotels

To give you a better idea of the hotels where to stay in Corsica, I have created a table summarizing all the hotels mentioned in this article. You can sort them by price or by city!

Best Western Bastia CentreBastia75€
Hotel Port TogaBastia85€
Hotel Restaurant & Spa L'Ostella
Hotel AliviBastia135€
Hotel des GouverneursBastia180€
Marina d'OroCap Corse70€
Adonis MacinaggioCap Corse75€
Stella MarinaCap Corse80€
Hotel U RicorduCap Corse80€
Le TominoCap Corse345€
Adonis Saint FlorentSaint-Florent70€
Hotel TettolaSaint-Florent90€
U Palazzu SerenuSaint-Florent180€
Le Saint ErasmeCalvi70€
Camping La PinèdeCalvi70€
Hotel RevellataCalvi85€
Hotel Casa BiancaCalvi100€
La SignoriaCalvi320€
Maison San GiovanniCorte60€
U Passa TempuCorte90€
Hotel Si MeaCorte120€
Casa di a RestonicaCorte140€
Hotel Dominique ColonnaCorte400€
Hotel Spunta di MareAjaccio99€
Best Western Plus Ajaccio AmirautéAjaccio140€
Sofitel Golfe d'Ajaccio Thalasso & SpaAjaccio170€
Cala di SoleAjaccio200€
Hotel Le Week endAjaccio390€
Hotel Cala di SolePorto Ota80€
Hotel le RomantiquePorto Ota90€
Logis Hotel Le LoncaPorto Ota100€
Les Flots BleusPorto Ota105€
Residence Hotelière Capu SeninuPorto Ota160€
Best Western Hotel du Roy d'AragonBonifacio80€
Hotel Maora VillageBonifacio75€
Les chambres de CasarinaBonifacio150€
Hotel Cala di GrecoBonifacio200€
Hotel Version Maquis CitadelleBonifacio450€
Residence Marina di Santa GiuliaPorto Vecchio70€
Hotel Costa SalinaPorto Vecchio115€
Le BalaminaPorto Vecchio140€
Residence Santa Giulia PalacePorto Vecchio160€
Hotel Le Roi Theodore & SpaPorto Vecchio200€
Hotel restaurant l'AiglonZonza / Bavella70€
Hotel Clair de LuneZonza / Bavella80€
Hotel La TerrasseZonza / Bavella86€
Hotel Le TourismeZonza / Bavella100€
Hotel La CaravelleSari Solenzara70€
Le ThyreneenSari Solenzara75€
Hotel des NacresSari Solenzara80€
Hotel Maquis et MerSari Solenzara115€

So, where have you planned to stay for your visit to Corsica?

Where to Stay in Corsica: I Answer All Your Questions

Where to stay in Corsica to get around?

If you want to explore the entire island, you might consider an itinerant stay, changing locations every day or every other day as suggested in my itineraries. In this case, you should favor the main Corsican towns.

For example, you can stay in Ajaccio, the capital of Southern Corsica, which has an airport and a port. There, you can visit the birthplace of Napoleon, the Fesch Museum, the citadel, and the cathedral. Ajaccio is also a great starting point to discover the Calanche of Piana, the Gulf of Porto, or the Scandola Nature Reserve with a boat excursion.

You can also stay in Bastia, the prefecture of Upper Corsica, which also has an airport and a port. Bastia is a historically rich city with its old port, citadel, governor’s palace, and Saint John the Baptist Cathedral. Bastia is also a good base for exploring Cape Corsica, the Nebbio region, or Balagne.

If you prefer a quieter and more authentic stay, you might choose to stay in one of the many picturesque villages in Corsica. This way, you can enjoy the charm and friendliness of the locals while being close to nature.

You might also stay in Bonifacio, the southernmost city in Corsica, perched on a white cliff overlooking the sea. There, you can admire its marina, old fortified town, Romanesque churches, and sea caves. Bonifacio is also an excellent starting point to visit the Lavezzi Islands or take a trip to Sardinia.

Another option is to stay in Corte, the historic town in the center of Corsica, which was the capital of the island under Pascal Paoli. You can discover its Museum of Corsica, citadel, belvedere, and cathedral. Corte is also a good base for hiking in the Corsica Regional Natural Park or the Restonica Valley.

Regardless of your choice, you should book your accommodation in Corsica as early as possible, as the island is very popular with tourists, especially in summer. This way, you can benefit from a wider choice and better prices.

Where to base yourself to visit Southern Corsica?

For a beach stay, I recommend staying either near Bonifacio or near Porto-Vecchio.

If you’re seeking a more nature-oriented and active holiday, you can choose Zonza, a village at the foot of the Bavella Needles. There, you can hike in the Corsica Regional Natural Park or the Restonica Valley.

If you want to enjoy city life, numerous bars and restaurants, you might also consider Ajaccio as a good option to stay in the South of Corsica.

Where to stay in Corsica with a family?

For a family stay in Corsica, I mainly recommend two places:

  • Calvi, which has a long sandy beach with shallow waters, perfect for children. Staying in Calvi also allows easy access to family-friendly hikes, swimming in natural river pools, or taking the little train to Île Rousse.
  • Near Bonifacio / Porto-Vecchio if you want to spend your holidays enjoying the stunning beaches of Southern Corsica.
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Best area to stay in Corsica
Best area to stay in Corsica

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