Cinque Terre (Italy): Best things to do and Places to visit


How to Visit Cinque Terre: The Definitive Guide

You’re going to visit Cinque Terre during your next trip and you’re looking for the most beautiful villages and best things to do?

You’re at the right place!

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cinque Terre National Park is famous for its colourful villages by the sea surrounded by terraced vineyards, stunning landscapes and exceptional viewpoints.

In order to help you plan your Cinque Terre visit, I’ve prepared for you a complete guide, with all the villages to explore and transportation options.

Of course, you’ll also find all my best tips and recommendations to make the most of your visit!

And at the end of this article, I will tell you more about the best things to do around the villages and give you my selection of the best hotels in Cinque Terre.

So, what are the best places to visit in Cinque Terre? How to get around? Where to stay?

Let’s find out!

The 5 Villages of Cinque Terre

During your visit to Cinque Terre, you will be able to discover 5 villages among the most beautiful in Italy.

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso is the northernmost village of the Cinque Terre and it’s also the largest.

The village is divided into two parts by a rocky cape above the sea:

1) Fégina district.

If you arrive by train, you’ll get off at Monterosso and immediately find yourself on Via Egina, a shopping street with stores and restaurants.

Along this street, you’ll also find the largest beach in Cinque Terre. Monterosso is the only one of the five villages where you can swim on real beaches instead of just in the port.

Most of the beach is privatized and covered with orange and blue parasols and sun loungers, which are quite photogenic from above, but clearly shows it’s very touristy!

Expect to pay about 15 euros to rent a sunbed for the day, or otherwise, you’ll need to find a small space in the public area of the beach.

At the end of the beach, past the parking area, there’s also a curiosity of Monterosso: a giant 14-meter statue of the God Neptune erected against the cliffs.

Built in 1910, it has just been restored!

Monterosso al Mare Cinque Terre
Monterosso al Mare Cinque Terre

2) The historic center is the second part of the village you should explore.

It features a small beach (also privatized) and numerous souvenir shops and cafes along Via Roma. You’ll also find 3 religious buildings:

  • The Capuchin Monastery located on the edge of the two areas
  • San Francesco Church
  • San Giovanni Battista Church, built in the 13th century and recognizable by its two-tone façade in white and dark green marble.
Voyage Tips - Advice

From Monterosso, you can enjoy a really cool activity to explore Cinque Terre: kayaking.

The journey along the Italian Riviera coastline allows you to admire the cliffs, the typical terraced vineyards, and to see the villages from a unique perspective!

To book your kayaking tour in the Cinque Terre, simply click on the button below:


Vernazza is nestled in a small bay at the base of the cliff.

With its seaside church, the colorful fishing boats moored in the harbor, and houses with vibrant facades all around, it’s one of the most picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre.

Take a stroll down Via Roma, lined with stores and restaurants, and you’ll reach the church square of Santa Margherita and then the harbor, where you will find a tiny pebble beach, perfect to take a dip if you wish to.

Then, climb up to Doria Castle tower (1.50€), standing 60 meters high over the village. From there, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea, vineyards, and Cinque Terre National Park!

Did you know? In 2011, Cinque Terre suffered from exceptional flooding. The village of Vernazza was among the hardest hit: a mudslide devastated it up to 4 meters high, and the village was evacuated. 100 million euros were needed for repairs.

Voyage Tips - Advice

The most spectacular viewpoint of Vernazza is located at the start of the trail to Monterosso. Expect to take photos worthy of the most beautiful postcards!



Corniglia is the only Cinque Terre village built atop the cliff, without direct sea access.

To get there from the train station, you can either climb a fairly steep staircase with over 300 steps (the Lardarina) or choose a less strenuous option: catch the shuttle bus!

But if you pick this route, be prepared for a bit of a wait as the minibus only carries about twenty people at a time.

Surrounded by vineyards, Corniglia architecture is a bit different from the other four villages: the houses are indeed colorful but narrower and lower.

It’s also the smallest village of the Cinque Terre, so a stroll along the main alley, Via Fieschi, will be quick but very pleasant. I also recommend you visit the panoramic terrace of Santa Maria to enjoy the view over Vernazza and Manarola.

Voyage Tips - Advice

The best view of Corniglia is when you approach the village via the trail from Vernazza.

Corniglia Cinque Terre
Corniglia Cinque Terre


The fourth village you absolutely must see in Cinque Terre is Manarola.

If you only have time for one, this is the one I recommend!

It’s no surprise that Manarola is the most famous and visited village of the five, as it’s for sure the most beautiful village in the Cinque Terre!

With its houses built along the cliffside, its stone bridge, and its rocks lashed by the waves, it’s no wonder it’s considered the most typical and picturesque village in the region.

Exiting the train station, head down towards the sea and take the promenade route along the waterfront.

This is where all the photos from the postcards are taken. The view is breathtaking!

Cinque Terre
Manarola – the most beautiful village in Cinque Terre


The last village you should visit in Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore, the closest to La Spezia.

There are 2 walks you can enjoy in the village:

  • Head up the main street as you exit the station. It’s lined with shops and cafes.
  • Walk down to the jetty for a breathtaking view of the entire village and the colorful houses on each side. It’s also a great spot to take a dip if you’re feeling hot!

When it comes to historical buildings, make sure to visit:

  • Riomaggiore Castle, built in 1260
  • Church of Saint John the Baptist, built in the 14th century
  • The oratory of Santa Maria Assunta, a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, featuring beautiful stained glass.

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre
Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

What’s the most beautiful village in Cinque Terre?

Here is my ranking of the most beautiful villages in Cinque Terre (it’s just my opinion!):

  1. Manarola
  2. Vernazza
  3. Riomaggiore
  4. Corniglia
  5. Monterosso

5 Options for Visiting Cinque Terre

To visit the villages of Cinque Terre and move between them, you have several options.

Let’s go over them right below:

Visiting Cinque Terre by Train / Cinque Terre Card Train

A train line starting from La Spezia and reaching Levanto (or the other way around) goes through all the villages of Cinque Terre. The journey from La Spezia to Monterosso al Mare, the most remote village, takes only 20 minutes.

Fast and convenient, it’s by far the best option for getting around and visiting Cinque Terre!

You can buy your train tickets at the automatic ticket machines located at La Spezia, Levanto, or as you go through each small station of the five villages.

A single journey costs 4€, whether you choose to travel from La Spezia to Monterosso (the longest journey) or just a short journey between two villages. You will need to buy a train ticket each time.

If you plan on taking the train more than four times in one day, you should instead to opt for the Cinque Terre Train Card (“Cinque Terre Card Treno MS”), which allows for unlimited regional train travel.

Valid for 1, 2, or 3 days, prices start from 16€ for adults (free for children under 4 years old, discounts up to 12 years old, and a Cinque Terre Family Card is available for 2 adults + 2 children).

The Cinque Terre Train Card can be purchased at Cinque Terre Park offices in the stations and not at the automatic ticket machines. It’s personal to you and an ID may be requested to confirm your identity or the age of the children.

You can also buy it in advance on the official website.

In addition to unlimited train travel, this card also includes:

  • Access to the hiking trails (I’ll talk about it in detail a bit below)
  • Use of the park’s minibusses, including the one to climb up to Corniglia from the station
  • Free Wifi in the stations
  • Free access to the toilets in the stations (otherwise 1€)

There are trains every 20 to 30 minutes every day until midnight/1 am depending on the season. You’ll be given a schedule list when purchasing the Cinque Terre train card.

Voyage Tips - Advice

Don’t forget to validate your train ticket or card before you board!

Small dogs are allowed on the train for free. However, for larger dogs, you will need to buy a Cinque Terre Train Card for children. Remember to validate it as well!

Vernazza Cinque Terre
Vernazza Cinque Terre

Hiking Trails in Cinque Terre / Cinque Terre Card Trekking

You can also explore Cinque Terre on foot, and it’s my opinion the best option!

Hiking trails linking the villages offer some exceptional viewpoints.

Just a small clarification: don’t expect a leisurely seaside stroll by the sea. Most of the time, you’ll need to climb the cliffs between vineyards and fields before descending to the villages.

Please note that access to the trails is regulated:

  • You must show your Cinque Terre Train Card or Cinque Terre Trekking Card at the start of each trail to the trail keeper.

The Trekking Card works on the same principle as the Train Card except it doesn’t include unlimited train travel and only provides access to the trails. It costs 7.50€ for one day and can be purchased at the stations or on the official website of the national park.

It’s mandatory to have one of these two cards to hike in Cinque Terre!

  • It’s forbidden to use the trails in flip-flops or barefoot. This is a recent regulation but honestly, it makes sense when you see the condition of the trails. I’m always amazed by how many people I come across wearing flip-flops on hiking trails…
randonnée cinque terre
Hiking cinque terre – Vernazza-Corniglia Trail

Here are the details of the different trails that connect the five villages, collectively known as the “Blue Trail”:

  • Monterossa-Vernazza: 4 km, approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of walking. There are many steps and the trail ascends quite a bit at the beginning (130 meters of elevation gain). The path doesn’t follow the seaside but rather goes through the vineyards. Steep descent at the end before arriving in Vernazza.
  • Vernazza-Corniglia: 4 km, 1 to 1.5 hours of walking. The trail steadily climbs all the way.
  • Corniglia-Manarola: 3 km, a bit over one hour of walking. Trail closed, with no exact reopening date scheduled at the moment.

The last trail that leads from Manarola to Riomaggiore is surely the most famous and easiest.

Named the Via dell’Amore, it’s a very pleasant, approximately 1 km stroll with no difficulties, even accessible to strollers. Unfortunately, it’s also currently closed with no reopening date scheduled.

Besides these pathways between the main villages, there are many more routes for exploring Cinque Terre National Park on foot. You can find all the information about trails in Cinque Terre here.

Voyage Tips - Advice

For your visit to Cinque Terre on foot, you can also opt for a guided hike.

Thanks to your local guide, an expert of the national park, you can hike safely and enjoy unique views of the villages. And don’t worry, there’s also time planned for strolling through the villages and soaking up the atmosphere.

The Cinque Terre Train Card is included in the price of the tour.

You need to book your guided hike in Cinque Terre by clicking the button below:

Corniglia Italy
Corniglia Italy

Visiting Cinque Terre by Boat

Since 4 out of 5 Cinque Terre villages have a small port (except for Corniglia), you can opt for a boat tour to explore them.

It works on the same principle as the train, with sea links between each village, though naturally less speedy. A ticket for one day costs around 35€. The departures take place from the towns of La Spezia, Levanto, or Portovenere.

Only one company offers boat tours to visit Cinque Terre. Unlike the trains that run all year round, the cruises only operate from late March to early November and can be cancelled in case of bad weather.

You can find practical information, timetables, and prices on the official website.

As these boat trips are ultra-touristy and the boats get crowded (which is not ideal for admiring the scenery or taking photos), I recommend you to opt for a more upscale cruise instead.

Away from the crowd, you can enjoy Cinque Terre National Park from the sea in peace. Swimming breaks are even planned for you to refresh yourself. Lunch, drinks, and wines are also included in the price!

You need to book your Cinque Terre cruise by clicking the following button:

And for an even more exceptional experience and a romantic moment, I recommend a sunset cruise.

Enjoy an excellent typical “aperitivo” with fine Italian products while watching the sun set over the villages, in a small group setting!

Voyage Tips - Advice

From La Spezia, you can also opt for boat rental for your Cinque Terre visit.

If you want to rent a boat for a fun day out at sea during your trip to Italy, I recommend using Samboat. They simply offer the most comprehensive range of boat rentals!

Power boats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without the need for a license, with or without a skipper: you’ll be spoiled for choice.

So, what are you waiting for to book your sea outing in Cinque Terre? 😊


Visiting Cinque Terre by Car

Let me tell you right away, this isn’t the best way to visit the Cinque Terre.

You cannot reach the centers of the five villages by car. You will have to leave your car in the parking lots located above the villages and walk down (and then all the way back up!) on foot. Not to mention that they’re not very large and the rates are high.

For example, the parking lot of Vernazza, located about 1 km from the town center, has only about 50 spaces and costs nearly 20€ per day!

If you come to Cinque Terre by car, the best thing to do is to park your car in one of Levanto’s parking lots (those at the train station are about 5€/day) or in La Spezia and then take the train to visit the Cinque Terre.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you need to rent a car for your trip to Cinque Terre, you should use It’s the easiest way to check rates from all rental companies at a given location!

Click the button below to book your rental car in Cinque Terre:

Manarola, the most beautiful village of Cinque Terre

Visiting Cinque Terre on a Day Trip

If you’re staying in Pisa, Florence, or Milan, you can easily visit Cinque Terre with a guide tour.

Transportation, guide, train, and ferry tickets are included in the price!

From Pisa – click the following button to book your excursion to Cinque Terre:

Visiting Cinque Terre from Milan – Book your excursion here:

From Florence, book your day trip to Cinque Terre by clicking the button below:

The Wines of Cinque Terre

You can find terrace vineyards all around the villages of Cinque Terre.

These hillside cultivations overlooking the sea are an integral part of the iconic landscapes of the national park!

The wines of Cinque Terre produced by the 5 villages all have a controlled designation of origin (DOC).

All of them are dry white wines except for the famous Sciacchetra. Recognized worldwide, it’s a sweet dessert wine with a high alcohol content (18°).

If you take the hiking trails between the villages, you might spot a trenino. These are special installations, kind of mini funicular trains operating on rails, used for moving grapes down to the cellars.

Before their installation, all the grapes were carried down by porters who placed baskets on their heads.

These dry white wines will perfectly complement your seafood dishes, so don’t hesitate to bring a bottle back in your luggage or at least to taste them during your trip to Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre vineyards
Cinque Terre vineyards

Best Things to Do Around Cinque Terre

As you arrive or depart from Cinque Terre, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding towns.

Here are the main towns located around Cinque Terre:

Porto Venere

Porto Venere is located between La Spezia and the village of Riomaggiore.

This charming little coastal town is really nice for a half-day stroll.

You can notably discover:

  • The fishing port lined with colorful houses, offering a taste of the Cinque Terre villages!
  • The waterfront and its restaurants
  • San Pietro Church and its lovely sea view
  • San Lorenzo Church, along the path before the castle
  • The fortifications and Doria Castle (entry fee is 5€)
  • Arpaia Cave, offering a nice panorama (just next to San Pietro)

From Porto Venere, you can also take a boat to the island of Palmaria, the largest island in Liguria, renowned for its numerous hiking trails.

Boat tours are also organized to tour 3 islands: Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto, all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Voyage Tips - Advice

There are no trains to Porto Venere, so you will need to get there by car, bus, or boat from La Spezia.


La Spezia

La Spezia is the closest major city to Cinque Terre.

It’s primarily considered a transit town, a convenient stopping point en route to Cinque Terre.

But if you have some time, either before or after visiting Cinque Terre, you should see in La Spezia:

  • San Giorgio Castle where the archaeological museum is located and which offers a beautiful view of the city
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church built in 1271
  • The Naval Technical Museum with its collection of ship models and figureheads from old ships
  • La Spezia Market at Piazza Cavour
  • The public gardens
  • The waterfront
La Spezia and Lerici
La Spezia and Lerici


If you’re in the area, you shoud of course visit Pisa, only 1h30 away from Cinque Terre.

The town, fairly small, is ideal for a day trip.

Here are the best things to do in Pisa:

To plan your visit to Pisa, you should read my other article: The 21 Best Things to Do in Pisa.

Piazza dei Miracoli Pisa
Piazza dei Miracoli – Pisa


The last city you can visit around Cinque Terre is Genoa.

Compared to the other three cities mentioned earlier, it’s on the opposite side of Cinque Terre, about 1h30 by car from Monterosso al Mare.

Here are the best places to visit in Genoa:

  • The Bocadasse district, a former fishing neighborhood
  • Take the Castelletto elevator to reach the heights of the city and soak in the view
  • Via Garibaldi, lined with palaces now turned into museums
  • Piazza de Ferrari
  • Christopher Columbus’ house
  • San Lorenzo Cathedral
  • The lungomare, a 3 km long seaside promenade
  • Genoa Aquarium
  • The “Bigo,” a panoramic glass elevator taking you up to 40 meters high.

What to do in Italy: visit Genoa

How Many Days to Visit Cinque Terre?

Since the villages of Cinque Terre are quite small, you can explore all of them in one day if you travel by train between them.

But of course, you could also choose to visit Cinque Terre over 2 or 3 days, if you want to include some hiking.

Visiting Cinque Terre in 1 Day

If you’ve decided to spend one day in Cinque Terre and want to see all five villages, the best option is to take the train.

If you’re coming from La Spezia, you should go directly to Monterosso and then work your way back down, making stops at Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and culminating at Riomaggiore.

Another possibility: from Monterosso, instead of taking the train, do the hike to Vernazza (1.5/2 hours walk). From there, take the train to visit the other villages.

The more athletic among you will even have time for a second hike, from Vernazza to Corniglia and then take the train to visit the other villages.

Starting early in the morning, it’s entirely doable!

Visiting Cinque Terre in 2 Days

For a 2-day stay in Cinque Terre, plan to stay one or two nights in one of the villages (see my selection of hotels below).

This way, you’ll be able to spend your first day hiking.

On the second day, you’ll have time to explore the villages you couldn’t reach by foot the day before. You can get around by train or by boat.

From Monterosso, a kayak tour can be a really fun activity to do for the day or if you’re looking for something luxurious, then opt for a VIP sunset cruise:

Where to Stay for Visiting Cinque Terre?

When visiting Cinque Terre, you have several options for where to stay:

  • In one of the 5 villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, or Riomaggiore
  • In La Spezia, just 5 minutes by train from Riomaggiore
  • In Levanto, 5 minutes by train from Monterosso
  • Pisa can also be an option, being only 1h20 by train from La Spezia

Here is my selection of the best hotels to stay in while visiting the Cinque Terre, based on these options:

In Monterosso:

  • La Rosa Dei Venti: Located 10 minutes walk from the station and 5 minutes from the beach. Comfortable and very clean double room from 100€. Strong points: the location, the warm welcome.
  • La Casa di Zuecca: Located 250 meters from the beach. Modern and bright double room from 150€, breakfast included. Strong points: the roof terrace, the location, the quality of the welcome.
  • Hotel Villa Adriana: Located 400 meters from the train station and 100 meters from the beach. Double room from 160€, breakfast included. Strong points: the swimming pool, the garden, the free private parking.

In Vernazza:

  • Vernazza vacation 3: Located in the village, this B&B offers double rooms from 120€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the warm welcome, the room amenities.
  • Cadè Ventu: Located 4 km from Vernazza. Modern and spacious double room from 135€, breakfast included. Strong points: the exceptional view of Cinque Terre, the tranquility, the quality of the dining (breakfast and dinner), the private parking.
  • MaDa Charm Apartments Terrace&Carugio: Located in the heart of the village. Beautiful apartment completely renovated, well decorated, and arranged from 200€ per night. Strong points: the comfort, the cleanliness, the terrace with view.

In Corniglia:

  • Daa Maduneta: Located in the heart of the village. Recently renovated double room with sea view from 135€, breakfast included. Strong points: the view, the very friendly host. The best place to stay in Corniglia!

In Manarola:

  • Posidonia Cinque Terre: Located 2 minutes from the center. Spacious, clean, and well-equipped double room from 115€. Strong points: the garden, the terrace, the kindness of the owner. This is our favorite for its value for money in the Cinque Terre!
  • Ca’ D’Andrean: Located in the center and a 5-minute walk from the station. A very comfortable and tastefully decorated double room from 170€, breakfast included. Strong points: the panoramic view from the terrace, the good breakfast, the garden, the attentive staff. One of the best choices to stay in the most beautiful village of the Cinque Terre!
  • Arpaiu: In the heart of Manarola village. Double room with exceptional sea view from 180€, breakfast for 20€. Strong points: the large terrace with view, the size of the rooms.

Cinqueterre italy

In Riomaggiore:

  • Affittacamere Le Giare: Located 500 meters from the station. Spacious double room with a balcony from 110€. Strong points: the view, the excellent welcome, not far from the public parking if you come by car.
  • Alla Marina Affittacamere: Located right next to the harbor. Modern and cozy double room with sea view from 120€, breakfast for 2€. Strong points: the superb location, the comfort of the beds, staff will pick you up at the station. This is our favorite for its value for money in Riomaggiore!
  • Hotel Villa Argentina: Located at a 10-minute walk from the station. Double room from 155€, breakfast included. Strong points: the availability of the staff, the tranquility, parking spaces.
  • Stellio Affittacamere: Located a 5-minute walk from the station. Well-decorated double room with exposed stone walls from 210€. Strong points: the exceptional service, the very friendly owner, the room layout, parking, the fridge is stocked with necessities for breakfast.

In La Spezia:

  • Hotel Firenze e Continentale: Located 50 meters from the station. Cozy and warm double room from 100€, breakfast included. Strong points: the convenient location to visit Cinque Terre, the breakfast buffet.
  • Via Chiodo Luxury Rooms: Located a 15-minute walk from the station. Comfortable double room with wooden floors and air conditioning from 110€. Strong points: the availability and advice from the reception, the impeccable cleanliness.
  • CDH Hotel La Spezia: Located 10 minutes walk from the station. Double room from 110€, breakfast included. Strong points: the private parking, the geographical location to catch the train.

In Levanto:

  • Creuza de Legnà: Located 5 minutes from the city center. Spacious and bright double room from 75€, breakfast for 5€. Strong points: the very warm welcome, the owner speaks French, the setting and the garden with a view of the valley.
  • Hotel Abetaia: Located a 10-minute drive from Levanto. Spacious double room with private entrance and terrace from 150€, breakfast included. Strong points: located in nature, the restaurant offers good food made with local products, the attentive staff. This is our favorite for its value for money in Levanto.
  • Hotel Al Terra Di Mare: Located 1.5 km from Levanto’s train station. Large bright double room from 160€, breakfast included. Strong points: the shuttle service, the swimming pool, the quietness, the staff speaks French.
  • Agriturismo Costa di Faraggiana: Located a 5-minute drive from Levanto, in the countryside. Charming and refined rustic double room with exposed beams from 200€, breakfast included. Strong points: the swimming pool, the wellness center, the superb location, the free shuttle to the station, the excellent breakfast. This is our top recommendation for a luxury stay in the Cinque Terre.

In Pisa:

  • Hotel La Pace: Located just 100 meters from the train station and a 20-minute walk from the tower. Double rooms with antique wooden furniture starting from 70€, breakfast available for 9€. Strong points: room comfort, excellent breakfast. It’s our top pick for its value for money!
  • Hotel Roma: Only 100 meters away from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Double rooms with views of the tower or cathedral starting from 85€, including breakfast. Strong points: the garden, proximity to the Square of Miracles, and a good breakfast.
  • Hotel Bologna: Located 5 minutes from the train station and a 15-minute walk from the leaning tower. Cozy and colorful double rooms starting from 105€, breakfast included. Strong points: the warm welcome, excellent breakfast buffet, comfortable rooms, and parking.
  • Grand Hotel Duomo: Just a 2-minute walk from the Piazza del Duomo. Double rooms with views of the monumental complex starting from 105€, breakfast included. Strong points: the panoramic rooftop terrace, friendly staff, enjoyable and varied breakfast. An excellent choice for accommodation close to the Pisa Tower!
  • Hotel Pisa Tower: Located 50 meters from Piazza dei Miracoli. Spacious and bright double rooms starting from 115€, including breakfast. Strong points: the pleasant terrace for breakfast, the hotel’s setting, and the smiling staff.
  • Il Giardino Dei Semplici: This B&B welcomes you just a 5-minute walk from the Square of Miracles. Tastefully decorated, modern, and comfortable double rooms starting from 125€, breakfast for 8€. Strong points: the warm welcome, room comfort, peacefulness, and excellent location. The best choice for a luxury stay in Pisa!

How to Get to Cinque Terre?

By Plane

The closest airports to Cinque Terre are Pisa and Genoa. From these two cities, you will then have to travel to Cinque Terre by car or train.

As flight prices to Italy vary greatly, it’s a good idea to compare them as soon as possible. To do this, you can use our flight comparison tool, in partnership with Skyscanner. You’re guaranteed to find the best fare.

By Train

The 2 train stations near Cinque Terre are La Spezia and Levanto.

If you land in Pisa, the best option is to take the train to La Spezia and then the special train to Cinque Terre (just a 5-minute ride to the nearest Cinque Terre village).

Arriving at Genoa airport, you can take the train to Levanto and then another train to Cinque Terre.

You should check the schedules and fares for the trains and book your tickets directly here:

By Car

From the airport, you may also opt to rent a car to go to Cinque Terre. But as I mentioned, it would be better to park it at one of the train station parking lots and take the train to Cinque Terre.

There are really too few parking spaces on top of the villages and the rates are quite high.

However, renting a car might be useful if you plan to continue your trip in Italy to Tuscany, for example. In that case, I you should check car rental prices on

You’ll quickly find out which rental company is the cheapest or has the best reputation!

The website also offers a full protection insurance option which is extremely useful in the event of accidents or theft. Another cool thing is that booking doesn’t commit you to anything: modifying or cancelling your rental is often free!

When to Go to Cinque Terre?

You can plan a visit to Cinque Terre at any time of the year. The climate is Mediterranean, with rather mild winters and dry summers.

In summer, due to high season and tourism, be prepared to see a lot of people. The quaint streets of the villages get crowded quickly, and the trains can become packed.

However, the latter shouldn’t be too much of a problem as the train ride takes at most 20 minutes from one end of the line to the other.😅

For hiking, it’s best to avoid the hottest months, as the heat can be intense on the sun-exposed trails with no water points. Be sure to bring bottles of water!

I would especially recommend the months of May, June, and September/October when the temperatures are cooler. These four months are, for me, the best time to visit Cinque Terre as there’s also (slightly) fewer tourists.

From November to April, you won’t be able to go on a cruise as they cease to operate, but you can still enjoy the villages since the train runs all year round.

Book your trip now and save money!

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