Itinerary: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days in Sardinia – All the Best things to do and see


How to Visit Sardinia in 2, 3, 4 or 5 Days?

You’re planning to visit Sardinia for your next trip?

Great choice!

For a weekend or more, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, beaches and coves with crystal clear water.

If you have planned to do a 2 to 5 days trip (for the luckiest ones!), you will find in this guide the perfect itineraries depending on:

  • The duration of your stay
  • You airport of arrival.

You will see, organizing your trip to Sardinia will be very easy!

  1. You select the itinerary of your choice depending on the duration of your holidays
  2. For each leg of your itinerary, you click on the links to read my detailed articles. The best things to do, where to stay etc.. I tell you everything!
  3. Thanks to my selection of the best accommodations for each city, you book your hotels nights in 1 click.

So, what are the best things to do in Sardinia in 2, 3, 4 or 5 days?

Week end: 2 days in Sardinia

If you’re in Sardinia for a weekend, you’ll have to focus on a quite a small area to be sure to make the most of your stay. You should also limit the time spent driving/in public transportation.

On the bright side, you can choose between 3 airports of arrival in Sardinia:

  • Cagliari, the capital, in the South
  • Olbia, in the Northeast
  • Alghero, in the Northwest.

All these 3 cities are excellent destinations for a 2 days stay in Sardinia.

I will give you a detailed itinerary for these 3 cities, so you will be able to decide according to your interests and the prices of flights.

2 days in Cagliari and its surroundings

Here are the best things to do in Cagliari on your 1st day:

  • San Benedetto market, to discover all the local delicacies
  • The Castello neighborhood, the old town of Cagliari
  • Saint Remy Bastion and its scenic view over the whole city
  • The Santa Maria cathedral
  • The palazzo di Citta
  • Cagliari National Archaeological Museum
  • Poetto beach, the closest to the city.

On the second day, you should go explore the area. Depending on what you like to do, you could either:

  • Visit Su Nuraxi nuraghe, the only UNESCO World Heritage site of Sardinia
  • Visit Nora archeological site, an antique city that used to be very powerful.
  • Explore the coast around Villasimius, known to be home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

For more information about visiting Cagliari and its surroundings in 2 days, you should read my article: The 10 Best things to do in Cagliari.

In this detailed guide, I also give you my list of the best hotels in the city depending in your budget.

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

2 days in Olbia

If you choose to fly to Olbia, no need to spend time in the city itself, as there is nothing really interesting to visit there.

However, you will be lucky enough to spend 2 days on the Costa Smeralda, one of the fanciest places in Sardinia!

During your weekend, you will enjoy stunning beaches and chic seaside resorts.

Best places to see on the Costa Smeralda in 2 days:

  • Porto Cervo, the “capital” of Costa Smeralda, located only 40 minutes driving away. Features a marina with beautiful yachts and luxury shops
  • Enjoy the beaches: Grande Pevero beach, Capriccioli, Principe beach and Cala di Volpe are among the most beautiful ones
  • Visit other seaside resorts: Poltu Quatu, Baia Sardinia or Cannigione
  • Porto Rotondo, similar to Porto Cervo
  • Arzachena, home to many historical sites
  • A 1-day boat trip to the Maddalena archipelago

If you want more details about the best things to do on the Costa Smeralda, you should read my article: Costa Smeralda: the definitive guide.

Spiaggia del Principe Costa Smeralda
Spiaggia del Principe, sulla Costa Smeralda


2 days in Alghero and its surroundings

Alghero is a beautiful medieval town by the sea.

Here are the best places to visit during your 2 days stay in Alghero:

  • The historical center: take a stroll in its narrow paved streets and discover the numerous small local shops.
  • Piazza Civica, the main square
  • The lungomare, to go for a walk by the seaside and reach the beaches
  • The Neptune caves, to see the stalactites and stalagmites
  • Porto Conte National Park, to go hiking next to the sea
  • Lido San Giovanni beach or Maria Pia beach, the closest beaches.

For more information about Alghero, you can read my detailed article about the city: The 6 Best things to do in Alghero. In this guide, you will also find my selection of the best hotels depending on your budget.

Alghero, in Sardinia
Alghero, in Sardinia

3 days in Sardinia

Here are the best things to do for your 3 days trip to Sardinia, depending if you land at Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero airport.

Visit Cagliari and its surroundings in 3 days

  • If you’re staying 3 days in Cagliari, you should spend one day exploring the city (you can read my article about the best things to do)
  • On the second day, go to Villasimius and its beautiful beaches for a relaxing day by the sea.
  • On the third day, you can visit either the Nora archeological site or Su Nuraxi nuraghe. These are major historical sites to visit on a trip to Sardinia.

For more info about the best things to do in Cagliari and its surroundings, you should read my article: How to visit Cagliari?

Visit the Olbia area in 3 days

For a 3 days trip to Olbia, I recommend:

  • 1 day on the Costa Smeralda: visit Porto Cervo, and enjoy the beautiful beaches!
  • 1 day in the inland part of Costa Smeralda: you can explore the area around Arzachena, where many archeological sites are located. For example, you can see there several nuraghes and the giants’ tombs. You can also visit San Pantaleo village, a lovely traditional village offering great views over the nearby mountains.
  • Do a 1 day boat excursion around the Maddalena islands. This archipelago features some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia! Some of them are only accessible by boat. There are departures for this kind of day trip from most of the seaside resorts on Costa Smeralda, such as Poltu Quatu, Baia Sardinia or Cannigione.

For more information about Costa Smeralda, you can read my article: The 10 Best things to do on the Costa Smeralda. And as always, you will also find in this guide my selection of the best accommodations.

Visit Alghero in 3 days

If you want to visit Alghero and its surrounding in 3 days, I recommend the following itinerary:

  • 1 day in the city of Alghero: a stroll in the old town to discover piazza Civica, Alghero cathedral and its bell tower, then go on the ramparts to enjoy the sunset.
  • 1 day to go on an excursion to the Neptune caves (by boat from Alghero or by car). In the afternoon, you can hike in Porto Conte Natural Park and then end the day at Porto Ferro, a very wild beach located nearby.
  • 1 day in Bosa, located one hour drive from Alghero. With its colored houses by the river and castle dominating the village, Bosa is clearly worth a look! From Serravalle castle, you can also enjoy a great view over the sea and surrounding mountains. You can end the day at one of the beaches near Bosa. My favorite ones are Compulittu beach and S’Abba Drucche.

For more information about Alghero and its surroundings, you should read my article All Best things to do in Alghero.

Spiaggia Porto Ferro Alghero
The Spiaggia Porto Ferro, 30 min away from Alghero

4 days in Sardinia

If you’re going on a 4 days trip to Sardinia, you will also have 3 options: explore Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero region.

What to do around Cagliari in 4 days?

Here is my recommended itinerary for a 4 days stay in Sardinia from Cagliari:

  • 1 day in Cagliari, to visit the capital of Sardinia: the Saint Remy Bastion, the Castello neighborhood, the Santa Maria cathedral, the National Archeological Museum, Poetto beach and so on… There are many places to visit in Cagliari!
  • 1 day in Villasimius, to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches of the area. Spiaggia Simius and Spiaggia di Porto Giunco are great beaches! You can also go to the isolated coves of Capo Carbonara.
  • 1 day along the SP71 scenic road that goes from Chia to Teulada. On this 25km road, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia! On the way, you can stop whenever you want to take a dip. Don’t miss Cala Cipolla, a nice cove with big rocks and crystal clear water.
  • 1 day on Sant’Antioco island. There too, you’ll be able to enjoy very beautiful beaches such as Cala Lunga or Cala Sapone.

For more information about the SP71 scenic road and Sant Antioco, you can read my article: The 25 Best things to do in Sardinia.

I also give you my best tips and hotel recommendations in my 1 week itinerary in Sardinia.

SP71 strada panoramica Sardegna
La splendida strada SP71, in Sardegna

What to do around Olbia in 4 days?

  • 2 days on Costa Smeralda:
    • On the first day, visit Porto Cervo, the capital of this very chic Sardinian coast. You’ll be able to gaze at the yachts in the marina and discover the luxury boutiques. You can also go take a dip at Liscia Ruja beach, Cappriccioli, or Principe beach.
    • On the second day, travel more inland to go explore interesting archeological sites around Arzachena. Giants’ tombs, nuraghes… You will love it if you are interested in history!
  • 2 days on the Maddalena archipelago: to reach the Maddalena islands, you will need to take the ferry in Palau (40 minutes by car from the Costa Smeralda).
    • 1 day to explore Maddalena island, the main island of the archipelago. The best way to discover the island is to drive along the scenic road. You can also make several beach stops at Bassa Trinita beach, di Monte di Rena beach, or Capocchia du Purpu beach (my favorite!)
    • Another day to visit Caprera, the neighboring island. This island, wilder than La Maddalena, is also home to amazing beaches, but you’ll have to walk a bit to reach them.

If you want more information about la Maddalena, you should read my detailed article: All my best tips to visit la Maddalena.

Isola di La Maddalena
Maddalena island

What to visit around Alghero in 4 days?

  • 1 day in Alghero old town: you’ll be able to see the main attractions such as the cathedral and the various churches. It’s also a good idea to go on the ramparts at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset. You can also go to San Giovanni beach or Maria Pia, 2 beautiful beaches located close to the city.
  • 1 day to visit Neptune cave + hiking in Porto Cervo National Park. You can end the day at Porto Ferro beach, the wildest beach in the area.
  • 1 day in Bosa, a lovely and colorful town located by the river. You can also visit Serravalle castle, it offers a great view over the surroundings.
  • 1 day on Pelosa beach, probably the most popular beach of Sardinia! Turquoise water, fine sand… Just enjoy a relaxing day there!

If you’re planning of visiting Alghero and its surroundings, you should read my detailed article: Alghero: The definitive guide.

Spiaggia La Pelosa
Pelosa beach, in Stintino

5 days in Sardinia

If you want to visit Sardinia in 5 days, I recommend you the following itineraries:

5 days in Sardinia from Cagliari

  • 1 day to visit Cagliari, the capital. Take a stroll in the Castello neighborhood, where all the main monuments such as the cathedral or Saint Remy Bastion are located. From there, you will get the best view over Calgari and its surroundings. End your day on Poetto beach.
  • 1 day in Villasimius for a relaxing day at the beach. You can go to Simius beach or Porto Giunco, the 2 most popular ones. If you prefer wilder coves, I recommend you to head to Capo Carbonara.
  • 1 day to do a mini road trip on “La Strada Panoramica della Costa del Sud” (SP71 road). This 25km long road between Chia and Teulada will allow you to discover beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches!
  • 1 day on Sant’Antioco. Explore the island and go to Cala Lunga or Cala Sapone for a relaxing beach break.
  • 1 day on San Pietro island (Sant’Antioco’s neighbor). Similar to Sant’Antioco, the best things to do there is to explore the island and enjoy its beaches! During your day, you should also go to Capo Sandalo, the best viewpoint of the island.

You will find every information you need to visit Cagliari in my detailed article: The 10 Best things to do in Cagliari

You’ll also find tips, itineraries ideas and hotel recommendations in my guide: The Best itinerary for 1 week in Sardinia

Sant Antioco cala Lunga
Scenic view over Cala Lunga on Sant Antioco island

5 days in Sardinia from Olbia

  • 2 days on the Costa Smeralda: spend one day in Porto Cervo and the beautiful beaches in the surroundings. On the day after, you will discover Sardinia’s history and visit archeological sites located around Arzachena and San Pantaleo village.
  • 3 days in the Maddalena archipelago:
    • 1 day in Maddalena island: follow the scenic road to see all beaches and best viewpoints of the island. If you want to take a dip, my favorite is Capocchia du Purpu beach (it looks like the Seychelles!).
    • 1 day in Caprera island: the perfect island to do a bit of hiking and discover magnificent coves such as Cala Serena, Caprarese, Coticcio or Brigantina. You can also go to Teialone lookout point and enjoy the 360° view over the whole archipelago.
    • 1 day on a boat excursion to discover more beaches of the Maddalena archipelago (you need to book it by clicking here).

For more information about the Costa Smeralda, you should read my detailed guide: How to visit the Costa Smeralda?

5 days in Sardinia from Alghero

  • 1 day to visit Alghero, to visit the historical center with the cathedral and the ramparts. The city is also famous for its red coral jewelry stores.
  • 1 day to visit Neptune caves + hike in Porto Conte Natural Park + relax at Porto Ferro beach.
  • 1 day in Bosa: Go to the castle located at the top of the hill to enjoy the view! You can also walk along the Corso Vittorio to shop for souvenirs or to find a good restaurant. In the afternoon, you can go to one of the beaches located nearby.
  • 1 day on Pelosa beach, the most famous beach of Sardinia. Rent a sun bed and enjoy a relaxing day!
  • 1 day on Asinara island, a must-see during a trip to Sardinia. Take the boat from Stintino and visit the island with the tourist train, by bike or by Jeep.

You can read my detailed guide about Alghero here: All the best things to do in Alghero.

Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte

Vista sul Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte

Renting a car in Sardinia

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Renting a boat in Sardinia

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Sardinia itinerary 2 3 4 5 days
Sardinia itinerary: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days

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      Hello Patrick,

      You’ll find all my recommendations for things to do around Cagliari in the “What to do around Cagliari in 4 days” section of this article.
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      Enjoy your 4-day trip to Sardinia!

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