The best 14, 15 or 16 days Itinerary in Sardinia


Sardinia: The Perfect 14, 15 or 16 Days Road Trip Itinerary

You’re going to Sardinia for your next trip and you’re looking for the best itinerary?

You’re at the right place!

In order to help you plan your trip, I have prepared for you this 14, 15 or 16 days road trip itinerary in Southern Sardinia.

A quick note: If you prefer to visit Northern Sardinia, you should rather read my “2 weeks in Northern Sardinia itinerary” by clicking here.

Starting from Cagliari, you will discover the best places to visit of this part of the island, including Sant’Antioco island, Oristano, the Gulf of Orosei and Villasimus. Of course, I will also tell you everything about the best beaches of Southern Sardinia!

In this travel guide, in addition to the must-see attractions, I will also give you all my best tips as well as a list of the best accommodations depending on your budget.

So, what are the best things to do during your 14 days trip to Sardinia?

1) Cagliari (1 day)

For this 14-15 days itinerary in Sardinia, you will land at Cagliari airport, in the Southern part of the island.

When you’re visiting Sardinia for two weeks, the best way to see as many things as possible is to rent a car. (If you don’t come with your own car, of course!)

Personally, I use Cars website for all my car rentals in Europe (Sicily, Spain etc.) and even for far away destinations like Canada or Thailand. It’s very convenient to find the best prices!

I will tell you everything you need to know about renting a car in Sardinia at the end of this article.

Once you have your rental car, let’s start this 14 days road trip in Sardinia!

First, you will visit Cagliari, the island’s capital. You won’t have to drive too far for this first day!

You should start your day by the Castello neighborhood (Cagliari’s old town), where most points of interest are located.

Park your car and go to Saint Remy Bastion on foot to enjoy a great view over the city from Umberto I Terrasse. Continue with a visit to Santa Maria cathedral, also located in the Castello neighborhood.

Next to the cathedral, there is the Palazzo di Citta, housing a small museum with Sardinian textiles and paintings.

And if you want to visit a larger museum, you can go to Cagliari National Archaeological Museum.

There, you will learn more about the history of Sardinia and discover famous archeological remains such as the Giants of Mont’e Prama statues

Depending on when you will arrive in Cagliari and how tired you are, you can finish the afternoon at Poetto beach (easily accessible by car or by bus). This 7 km long beach is perfect for a first dip in Sardinian water.

Afterwards, go to your accommodation for the night.

For more information about the best places to visit in Cagliari, you can read my article: Top 10 things to do in Calgari.

Where to stay in Cagliari

  • Birkin Castello: Located in the Castello district and 50 meters away from the Cathedral. A very cozy and comfortable double room from 60 € per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the location, the rich breakfast, the helpful staff.
  • Budget Rooms Cagliari: Located in the old town. A well decorated and warm double room from 85 € per night. Pros: the location to visit Cagliari on foot, the friendly staff.
  • Hotel Villa Fanny: Located 1 km from the centre of Cagliari, 15 minutes walk away from the harbour. A double room with refined and luxurious decoration from 130 € per night, breakfast included. Pros: the kindness of the staff, the calm, the perfect bedding, the excellent and varied breakfast. This is my recommendation for a luxury stay in Cagliari!
Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

2) Teulada (1 day)

On the day after, you will continue your 14-15 days itinerary in Southern Sardinia along the coast, South of Cagliari.

First, head to Chia (about 1 hour driving from Cagliari) and take the SP 71 road, also called “Strada Panoramica della Costa del Sud”. It’s simply one of the most beautiful scenic roads of Sardinia!

Going along the sea for 25km up to Teulada, this road offers stunning sea views. You can easily make a stop and take a dip in the many beaches and coves along the way. Crystal clear water guaranteed 😜.

So, bring a good picnic for lunch and spend the day at the beach(es)!

You should definitely go to Cala Cipolla, one of my favorite beaches, with its big rocks in shallow turquoise water. Park your car in the paid parking lot and walk for 5 minutes to reach the beach.

From Cala Cipolla, you should also take the path to Capo Spartivento lighthouse, located only 15 minutes walk away. From there, you will have one of the best viewpoint over the whole coast, it’s truly breathtaking!

Spend one night in Teulada.

Where to stay in Teulada

  • B&B Su Tostainu: Located in Teulada. Clean and spacious double room starting from 60€, breakfast included. Strong points: lovely hotel, good breakfast.
  • Hotel Jasmine: Located 600m away from the city center of Teulada. Spacious double room with balcony starting from 70€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: friendly welcome, high quality bedding, good value for money.
  • Agriturismo S’Arxola: Located in Teulada. Comfortable double room starting from 95€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: its location between countryside and sea, excellent traditional homemade breakfast, friendly and helpful owner.
sp71 panoramic road Sardinia
The splendid SP71 road, in Sardinia

3) Sant’Antioco island (2 days)

For the next two days of your 14-15-16 days trip in Southern Sardinia, you will be on Sant’Antioco island.

There is a bridge connecting Sant’Antioco to Sardinia, so you won’t need to take a ferry to get there. It will take you about 40 minutes by car from Teulada and you will arrive in the main city on the island, also called Sant’Antioco.

Park your car around the port and go for a walk on the seafront and in the surroundings. In town, you can visit Sant’Antioco basilica as well as the archeological museum.

Then, get back to your car and drive around the island to look for the most beautiful beaches! There are many options: Maladroxia beach, Coa Quaddus, Cala Sapone, or Cala Lunga.

You need help to choose one?

Well, in my opinion, Cala Lunga is the best beach of the island!

Located in a cove, this white sand beach with shallow crystal clear water is the wildest of the island and the most beautiful beach of Sant’Antioco.

Spend the night on Sant’Antioco island.

The day after, you will head to San Pietro, the neighboring island

Drive to Calassetta town and take the ferry to San Pietro. Try to be there a bit early to buy your tickets (about 35€ for 2 people + 1 car, round trip). There are departures every hour and the trip takes 20 minutes.

You will arrive in Carloforte, the main city of the island. There isn’t any specific place to visit there, so you can simply walk around the seafront and take a break at one of the cafés terrace.

After this short visit, get back to your car and explore the beaches of the area.

You can:

  • Head to Bobba beach and go for a short stroll on the “Punta Delle Colonne” path
  • Walk along the Conca coastline and enjoy the view
  • Take a dip at Spiaggia Spalmatore (Caletta beach), the most famous beach in San Pietro
  • Enjoy a stunning view over the island from Capo Sandalo (my favorite spot!).

Go back to Sant’Antioco for the night.

Voyage Tips - Advice
You don’t necessarily need to spend the 2nd night in Sant’Antioco, you can also stay in San Pietro.

There are boats between Carloforte and Sardinia. However, there aren’t a lot of accommodation options in San Pietro and it may not be the fastest option to get going on the day after.

So, I would still recommend spending the 2nd night in Sant’Antioco (it’s what I did during my trip), as it’s the most convenient.

Where to stay in Sant’Antioco

  • B&B LA VELA: Located in the city of Sant’Antioco. Double room with balcony and sea view starting from 60€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: Calm, great view, very friendly owner.
  • Complesso Residenziale Isola dei Mori: Located 10min walking from Cala Sapone. Fully equipped studio apartment with kitchenette starting from 85€ per night. What I loved: being able to cook your own food, calm, close to the beach.
  • Mercury Boutique Hotel: Located between Cala Sapone and Cala Lunga. Bright and spacious double room with balcony and sea view starting fro 100€ per night. Strong points: 2 swimming pools, very generous buffet style breakfast, good atmosphere and nice view. It’s simply the most beautiful hotel on Sant’Antioco island!
Sant Antioco cala Lunga
Scenic view of Cala Lunga on the Sant’Antioco island

4) Iglesiente Coast (1 day)

Let’s continue your 14-15 days road trip in Southern Sardinia with a day along the Iglesiente coast.

Start by going to Fontana Mare beach, 35 min driving from Sant’Antioco. The view over the mountains is really worth it!

Then, you can drive towards Nebida and Masua. From there, you can see the famous Pan di Zucchero, the tallest faraglioni of Sardinia (133m height).

Not far from there, you can also visit Porto Flavia ancient mine, carved 600m deep in the rock. As Iglesiente is a former mining region, you can visit several mines and Porto Flavia is the most famous one.

You will need to book your visit in advance at the visitor office located in Iglesias town.

Then, go to Cala Domestica: this beautiful beach located in a cove it’s the perfect spot to take a dip. There is also a snack bar to get some food and drinks, so you can have your lunch there and relax or a few hours.

This is one of the best places to see during your 14 days road trip in Sardinia!

You should then spend the night around Portixeddu (most hotels are located in Fluminimaggiore). And If you’re not tired of the beach, there is a 3km Sandy beach next to this small town. Perfect to take a walk while enjoying the sunset on the sea!

Where to stay on the Iglesiente coast

  • B&B Raggio di Sole: Located in Fluminimaggiore. Comfortable and bright double room starting from 60€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: very relaxing place, great welcome, stunning view. It’s my favorite accommodation for its great value for money!
  • Agriturismo Fighezia: Located in Fluminimaggiore. Double room with mountain and sea view starting from 85€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the view from the rooms, extremely calm, high quality meals.
  • La Rosa Dei Venti: Located in Buggerru. Very spacious and warm double room starting from 115€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: the breakfast on the roof with a view, the calm, the friendly welcome.
porto Flavia Iglesiente sardaigne
Porto Flavia, on the Iglesiente coast, in Sardinia

5) Oristano (2 days)

Let’s now head to Oristano, the next destination of your 14, 15 or 16 days itinerary.

First, you should go to Spiaggia di Piscinas, a very popular beach in Sardinia. Just be careful when you get to the end of the road because it’s pretty rough and you should drive slowly.

Allow one hour to reach this beach from Portixeddu/Fluminimaggiore area.

You will for sure love this large sandy beach surrounded by the pine forest and sand dunes. It’s a really a wild place!

As the beach is huge, it doesn’t feel too crowded even during high season, and you can always find a nice spot without too much people around. There are also 2 bars and bathrooms at the beach entrance, so you can grab something to eat before going to Oristano.

It takes about 1h30 hour to go to Oristano from Spiaggia di Piscinas (there are 2 road options, with similar driving times).

In Oristano, start by exploring the historical center:

  • La piazza del duomo
  • The cathedral
  • La Chiesa di San Francesco
  • Piazza Eleonara d’Arborea
  • The piazza Roma.

Spend the night in Oristano or somewhere else in the area.

On your second day in Oristano, you should go to the Sinis peninsula, located west of the city.

There, you will be able to visit Tharros, one of the most famous archeological sites in Sardinia. It features remains of an old Phoenician trading outpost that then became quite important.

The site is open every day and the entrance fee is 5€.

Next to the entrance of the site, you should take the path leading to San Giovanni tower, then all the way to the edge of Capo San Marco. The views from there are really stunning!

And if you want to spend some time at the beach, you will also find a few beautiful coves along that path. Another perfect day in Sardinia!

Spend another night around Oristano

Voyage Tips - Advice
The best ice cream of Oristano, of Sardinia, or even of Europe (okay, maybe I am going a bit too far!) is Barbagelato, on piazza Roma.

You simply can’t go to Oristano without trying it out!

Where to stay in Oristano

  • Sa Domu e Crakeras: Located in the center of Oristano. Basic but very clean double room starting from 45€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: free private parking, excellent service.
  • Hotel Il Duomo: Located in the heart of Oristano’s historical center. This hotel used to be a mansion and offers spacious, pleasant rooms in a very elegant style. Starting from 80€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: great location in the center, calm, nice common spaces, great breakfasts with many different dishes. It’s my favorite hotel for its great value for money!
  • Hotel Raffael: Located in the Sinis peninsula, in Putzu Idu, 5min walking from the beach. Bright and spacious double rooms, most of them with their private fully equipped terrace and view on the garden. Starting from 140€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: calm, big garden with a swimming pool, the terrace, excellent and generous breakfast, very friendly staff. It’s the best hotel for a romantic stay around Oristano!
Tharros péninsule du Sinis
Walking around on the Sinis peninsula

6) Gulf of Orosei (3 days)

New day, new place to visit!

Your 14 days in Sardinia will now take you to the Eastern part of the island, in the Gulf of Orosei and Supramonte

First, let’s go to Orgosolo (1h20 by Car from Oristano), the first stop of the day.

Orgosolo, one of the most popular mountain village in Sardinia, is especially famous for its “Murales”, painted directly on the houses’ walls. They usually are about politics or major international events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks.

You will find hundreds of them along Corso Republicca and the adjacent streets.

And if you want more information about the murals, you can rent an audioguide and a map (5€) at the tourist info kiosk.

This village is quite touristy, so there are many small restaurant, cafés terrace and gift shops selling murals-related souvenirs.

In the afternoon, head to Cala Gonone, one hour away from Orgosolo. The road leading there offers beautiful panoramas!

When you will arrive at Cala Gonone, you should first go to the port and book your excursion for the day after: a boat trip in the Gulf of Orosei. It’s one of the best things to do in Sardinia during a 14 days road trip!

As these excursions are very popular, you should book yours 1 day in advance.

There are 3 ways to visit the Gulf of Orosei:

  • By sailboat for 90€ per person
  • By zodiac with a skipper, starting from 40€ per person
  • Renting a zodiac: you can drive it yourself, without a boat license. It will cost you around 120€ for your group (up to 6 people).

If you don’t like the strict hours of the excursions (usually 09:00-17:00 ), you should definitely rent your own boat!

It’s what I did during my trip, as I think it’s the best way to explore the Gulf of Orosei. It’s also super fun to drive your own boat 😁.

Afterwards, you can end the day at Cala Fuili, the first cove of the Gulf of Orosei and the only one accessible by car. It’s really worth going there to take a dip!

Spend the night in one of the recommended accomodations below.

For your second day in the area, let’s go on a boat trip to discover the coves of the Gulf of Orosei

Here are my favorites:

  • Cala Luna
  • Cala Sisine
  • Cala Biriola
  • Cala Mariolu
  • Cala Gabbiani
  • Cala Goloritzé

If you opted for an organized boat tour, there will be several beach stops during the day, but only at some of the coves and for a limited amount of time.

However, if you rent a zodiac, you will be free to stop wherever you want and for as long as you want. Don’t forget to bring food and drinks, as only two beaches have a small food kiosk.

Organized tours also include a visit to Bue Marino caves. Located between Cala Fuili and Cala Luna, they’re only accessible by boat and are not open to private or rented boats (for safety reasons).

Spend a second night around the Gulf of Orosei.

For your 3rd and last day in the area, you should opt for a hike in the famous Gorropu Gorge. That’s probably the best hike you can do in Sardinia!

There are several trails to reach the entrance of the Gorge, all are about 4-5 hours hikes from the departure points (either Silana Hotel or from the Barva bridge, 50 min away from Cala Gonone).

This one is a real hike, not just a stroll in nature, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes, not flip flops.

Once at the gorge entrance, you will need to pay a 5€ entrance fee (cash only). You can then enter the gorge and follow one of the paths (each color correspond to a difficulty level).

The last part of the gorge (red path) is only accessible with a guide, but don’t worry, the other paths are also very beautiful! You will feel extremly small in such a spectacular place.

If you don’t feel like walking that much (especially on the way back), there’s a Jeep shuttle service available for about 15€ per person per trip. Either way though, you will still need to walk at least one hour before/after being picked up.

One last important thing: bring enough food and water for the day, because there’s nothing on the way.

Spend one last night around Cala Gonone.

For more information about the Gulf of Orosei, you should read my detailed article: How to visit the Gulf of Orosei?

Where to stay in the Gulf of Orosei area?

  • Hotel Bue Marino: Located just in front of Cala Gonone port. Bright and spacious double room with a garden/sea view starting from 65€ per night, breakfast for an additional 10€. Strong points: ideal location to go on a boat trip, the rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi, good breakfast.
  • Hotel la Playa: Located 5 min walk from the port and beach in Cala Gonone. Comfortable double room starting from 80€ per night, breakfast included. What I loved: very friendly staff, generous breakfast, nice swimming pool.
  • Cala Luna: Located on the beach front, just a minute away from the sea. Bright and modern double room starting from 100€ per night. Strong points: nice overall atmosphere, stunning view from the terrace, warm welcome. It’s my favorite accommodation in Cala Gonone for its amazing value for money!
Gulf of Orosei
Boat trip in the Gulf of Orosei

7) Arbatax (2 days)

During your 14 days trip to Sardinia, you will also have the chance to explore the mountainous part of the island.

And that’s what you’re going to do today!

First, take the SS 125 scenic road, from Dorgali to Arbatax, and enjoy stunning views over the mountains. You will probably want to stop many times along the road to take pictures!

It takes 1h30 to go from one city to another, but you should take your time and enjoy the surroundings, you’re on vacation!

In the afternoon, you can make a stop at one of the beaches around Arbatax.

You can go to:

  • Santa Maria Navarrese, a lovely beach next to a pine forest,
  • Lotzorai beach
  • Spiaggia delle Rose

In Arbatax, you can also go to Red Rocks beach (Rocce Rosse in Italian), and have a look at the rocks shaped by erosion.

Spend the night in the accommodation of your choice. I recommend staying around Tortoli, the capital of Ogliastra region.

The next day, get ready to visit the Sardinian mountains!

In the morning, Start with a visit to Su Marmuri cave, located in Ulassai, 45 min away from Tortoli.

You can only visit the cave with a guide, and ideally you should try to get there for the 11:00 tour (we were only 4 people when I visited!).

The visit costs 12€ and lasts about 1h30. Don’t forget to bring a jacket (it will be around 12-15 degrees inside the cave) and to wear comfortable shoes. There are many steps and the floor is quite slippery.

You will be able to visit several halls filled with tall – and sometime unusually shaped – stalactites and stalagmites. The tour guide is super interesting and speaks several languages. Don’t worry if you’re a bit claustrophobic, the halls are very big!

After the cave visit, you can have lunch at the restaurant next to the caves or bring a picnic (there isn’t many options around).

Then, go back to your car and drive to Scala San Giorgio (a narrow gorge), only 20 minutes driving away from the cave.

You can climb 2 different set of stairs to reach a lookout point over the valley and the sea on one side, and a viewpoint over the geological formation on the other side. The light is especially beautiful between 12h and 14h.

Each lookout point has an entrance fee of 1€ per person, to be paid at the small tourist info kiosk located at the bottom of the stairs.

While you’re there, don’t hesitate to also ask for more information about the best things to do in the area!

In the afternoon, you can go on a short hike on a beautiful trail leading to the top of Lequarci waterfall, 30min driving from the Scala San Giorgio.

The waterfall is especially impressive right after a heavy rain, but the hike is worth it anyway to enjoy the freshness of the forest and the beautiful view from the edge of the cliff.

Spend another night in Tortoli.

Where to stay in Arbatax / Tortoli

  • La Tortorella: Located in Tortoli. Large and modern double room starting from 55€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: free private parking, the location, very calm.
  • Hotel Poseidonia: Located in Arbatax. Bright and spacious double room with a balcony starting from 75€, breakfast for an additional 9€. What I loved: traditional Sardinian atmosphere, helpful staff, good breakfast. That’s my favorite option for its great value for money!
  • Hôtel Arbatasar: Located in Arbatax. Traditional Sardinian style double room starting from 100€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: beautiful swimming pool, nice atmosphere, comfortable rooms, good restaurant inside in the hotel.
Su Marmuri cave
The Su Marmuri cave

8) Villasimius (2 days)

As we approach the end of your 14, 15 or 16 days road trip in Sardinia, let’s head back South and drive along the coast to Villasimius.

Without any stop, it takes 1h35 to go from Arbatax to Villasimius, but you should spend the day exploring the area and its gorgeous beaches. Just make as many beach stops as you want!

Here is my selection of the best beaches to stop at (from North to South)

  • Su Sirboni beach or Cala Francese beach: accessible in 10 minutes on foot. Lovely beach, quite wild, not crowded, a great spot to take a dip!
  • Portu S’Ilixi beach (South of Spiaggia di Ferraxi): accessible via a dirt road. A pretty large beach divided in 2 smaller beaches. Not too crowded, I really liked it!
  • Costa Rei: a big and trendy seaside resort with a wide sandy beach, along with a private beach and various bars. It’s usually very crowded because it’s close to many holiday villages.
  • Cala Sinzias: another trendy seaside resort, with a high end private beach, similar to Costa Rei.
  • Cala Pira: a lovely small beach, less crowded than the two previous ones. Fine sandy beach with turquoise water, quite nice!
  • Simius beach: large beach, usually crowded
  • Cala Giunco, similar to Simius beach
  • Spiaggia del Riso, next to the port
  • Spiaggia di Campulongu.

Spend the night in the accommodation of your choice.

On the day after, relax and have a nice beach day and/or enjoy your hotel’s swimming pool. Villasimius is famous for its beautiful beaches!

Spend another night in Villasimius.

Where to stay in Villasimius

  • Hotel Stella D’Oro: Located in Villasimius. Traditional double room with air conditioner starting from 90€ per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the location, free parking lot, good breakfast.
  • Domu Simius Hotel&Guest House: Located in Villasimius, 5 minutes walking from the commercial street and restaurants. Bright, spacious and modern double room starting from 180€ per night. Most of the rooms have a balcony with a stunning sea view. The amenities include a swimming pool, a hot tub and a large terrace. What I loved: comfortable rooms, good location, quiet, delicious breakfast, friendly staff. It’s my favorite hotel for a romantic stay in Villasimius!
  • Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi: Located 7km from Villasimius, close to Capo Carbona. Double room beautifully decorated in a Mediterranean style starting from 480€ per night, breakfast and dinner included. What I loved: located next to the sea with access to a private beach, the swimming pools, great design, amazing environment. It’s the best luxury hotel around Villasimius!
The swimming pool on the Domu Simius hotel’s roof: such a haven of peace!

9) Back to Cagliari (1 day)

If you’re doing a 15 days itinerary in Sardinia, it’s sadly the end of your road trip.

It’s time to head back to Cagliari and fly back home. From Villasimius, it takes about 1h10 to get to the airport. If your flight is at the end of day, you can go to the beach one last time before leaving.

Voyage Tips - Advice

If you’re only doing a 14 days road trip in Southern Sardinia:

  • You can skip the day on San Pietro island or the beach day in Villasimius (and spend just one night there).

If you visit Sardinia in 16 days, you can visit Su Nuraxi nuraghe, in Barumini (1h45 driving away from Villasimius). If you don’t want to go too far, you can also add another beach day in Villasimius or Cagliari.

Renting a car in Sardinia

As I told you at the beginning of this guide, if you want to visit Sardinia, you will need to rend a car.

Personally , I always use Cars website, simply because it’s the most convenient!

  • You can easily compare prices between different car rental agencies and read customer’s reviews
  • You can get a full protection insurance to get refunded in case of any damage, accident or if the car is stolen. Tested and approved, they refunded me more than 1200 euros to date!
  • You can modify or cancel your booking for free.

Other activities for 15 days in Sardinia

You want to do more activities during your 14-15 days trip to Sardinia?

No problem!

I have created for you a list of the best activities you can do on the island.

Simply click on the links below for more information and to make your reservations:

Renting a boat in Sardinia

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your itinerary in Sardinia, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental.

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Sardinia? 😊

Map of your 15 days itinerary in Sardinia

To help you visualize your itinerary a bit better, I’ve created a map of all the best places to visit during your 15 days in Sardinia.

You can display the map legend by clicking the button with a small arrow located in the top left corner.

Book your trip now and save money!

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road trip 14-15 days Sardinia
road trip: 14-15 days in Sardinia

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